Sunday, May 13, 2018

 Tearing down and building up. DJs car park was turned into a pile of rubble by this morning. Corner of King and Perkins. Apartments are planned for the DJs store and the facade, corner of Hunter and Perkins, will be kept standing. 
A workman and myself recalled dining on the top floor of David Jones, the departments, in the foyer,  recording your weight on the scales with an attendant who wrote out the weight. Looking back, my weight remained stable despite the delicious cashews - warm and salted - from Darrell Lea.

Building the cottage in January 2018 after four months.  The exterior ?plaster extends to the ground and the windows are done - work which was completed well before January leaving it at the lock-up stage, it seems   Many builders, if not all, close up shop for several weeks over Christmas.