Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Teetering wharf.
Unexpected change keeps us on our toes.  Even chaos looks good compared to the present conservatives.
Stability continues to make me uneasy.
The country needs revenue and the government seem incapable of raising any equitable taxes. Even remove seemingly essential taxes.
Infrastructure and more and more roads are proposed. Instead, limit cars and turn to renewables.  Even lip service would be a start.
This country and its circumstances mean it can't be as posh as a Dubai or a Shanghai. Yet.  If that is the goal what price are we prepared to pay as wealth depends on high growth and consumerism but recent thinking points to the limits and inequalities of all that.
 The prime minister talks of journey. But we have a race to alter our lifestyle via policies that seek growth yet toy with what we hold dear and enjoy.  Social capital needs care.
 A sustainable journey is the only way to go and one free of inequalities. A brave leader will take it on.
Setting limits on the illness industry goes without saying but why only target GP services and more so for the needy?
 Instead reign in endless higher order health services and over servicing and countless pharmaceutical products.
 Same with higher education.  Begin pruning at the top. 


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