Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Coffee shop, new breed, raw, Maitland road, Mayfield East. Peppertown with heavy metal designs.

From Mister Abbott, a word that is new to me: hypothecate. Goes with: give -security, -bail, go bail, pawn, impawn, hock, spout, mortage, impignorate etc.

 A local doctor is to go to Fiji to work on a surge in Dengue Fever because a new strain of Dengue has been a  serious problem there.
The incidence of Dengue is growing mostly in the warmer countries. Is spread by female mosquitoes and is flu like and can be fatal.
This month in Townsville, mosquitoes infected with a bacteria that prevents the mosquito from transmitting the disease have been unleashed in a trial according to ABC news. 

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