Friday, June 06, 2014

Are they watering the garden?
Lately we hear from the government ''as a tax payer you are paying for a university education for Joe Blogs.... the tax payer does not want their taxes wasted on unemployed youth or whatever.... these are words that breed bad attitudes.
 Revenue is for the common good, it is the common wealth. Not so much about your taxes.
 Unbounded potential to get ahead is possible.  Not good enough to do a simple days work but double that.  Forget about work and life balance. Self first. Out for what you can get. Often a wife accepts any and everything on her own shoulders so that partner wins all.
 No wonder penalty rates have become old fashioned and under threat.  Who needs predictable recreation times and extended family life if it stands in the way of success.
 Total dedication to extended work hours seriously underminds work conditions, raises the bar and increases the cost of living for the entire community - food, housing, education.
 A leading politician said his father, who began with nothing, worked, was it, 24 hours a day.  Not for some adequate comfortable return but for quite considerable wealth for the son.  So that is the template, the outstanding example to cast before the electorate in this sink or swim budget in the lucky country.

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