Friday, June 21, 2013

Seeking co-operation with Indonesia.  That's what our leaders look for when it comes to an approach to refugees and 'boat people' coming from there to Australia in terrible perilous conditions.
Is it asking a lot to get co-operation? Who knows what our northern neighbours are capable of doing?  For instance, does the Indonesian government play any role in regulating land clearing and burning, any role in limiting habitat destruction and the protection of plants and animals or in limiting monoculture dependent on wholesale clearing of tropical jungle.  Who knows?
The smoke haze that spreads to choke Singapore gives their actions away in burning up the island of Sumatera. And crime and religious intolerance unregulated and a unique system of 'justice' are some matters that reach our news. All the matters we have difficulty with as well.  Well, our leaders can try negotiations on refugees, that'd be high on Indonesian priorities (not).  Good luck Prime Minister Gillard!
As well as this one-eyed rant the photo shows a few grooves in the stone made by mooring lines.

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