Saturday, April 06, 2013

Remember the Little Golden Books?  Skippy to the Rescue is among the collection. It seems an early edition and is well illustrated (a change from Disney style) and shows all the cutest vunerable local animals.

The story has a colourful plot...the pink cockatoo screamed that he had seen a man with a gun... The man was waiting until the roos were in a clearing 'so he could fire many shots before they could get to shelter'.
Dramatically, Skippy saved the day by jumping and disarming the man. Then a bush fire got out of control. More danger then rescue.
'The firefighters found the man who had caused all the trouble - and they found the gun.  Guns are not allowed in national parks so the man was really in trouble.' Skippy watched as the man was taken away to the police station.

It is reported that some unsavoury incidents in a state park involving shooters is up before the court in rural NSW.
Now the government might say 'look how well we are policeing hunting,  there are no risks and hunting with guns will go ahead'.
We need sufficient staff to manage the parks and safely control ferrel animals without letting loose any cowboy shooters.

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