Sunday, September 09, 2012

Blue Cow and Perisher. Locations that have nothing to do with Newcastle.

Snow boardriders and skiers would know all about the snow fields.
Drive to the "Snowy" through a winter landscape where the countryside has turned straw coloured and boulders are strewn around and strange barren trees stand in groups and a few head of cattle or of sheep with tiny lambs graze on the cold windswept plains.
Pass the lake and township at Jindabyne and a gradual climb to the Skitube rail station and after a 20 minute underground ride emerge at Blue Cow into a rather different white chilling environment where mist and sunshine took turns to open and close down the scene.
 Backtrack to Perisher, strong wind rain and sleet which everyone loved. Sundeck (sic) - the highest little hotel in Australia was on the route taken by the 1978 yellow Bombardier.
That's what the flodders saw at the snowfields yesterday.

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