Sunday, December 04, 2011

Arcade, Newcastle. Believe it had a small indoor swimming pool once.
 Surprises lighten our way.  Salute the unplanned!

A day trip provoked surprisng disbelief and humour at the gravitas and ostentation at Westfield, dare I say Arcade, Sydney. A hub for global big name designers who prove that accessories are supreme!  Wall to wall marble. Marvel.  Minimalism.  Sinister. Christmas decor far too crass and tatty. A reality check.
Cross Castlereagh Street for a refreshing change in D J's Christmas display windows where charming puppet-like figures, of character, tell a simple Christmas story. 
Back to earth again by another bonus sight, history in the making, the 99% seen in vocal revolt, in a large Gay rights march led by two staid police horses down the slippery slope to the Government's conference in Darling harbour.  Weighty Gay marriage considerations were undermined by intersecting with a toy train-ride on a stunning day by the harbour that reflects only good times and enjoyment.
What would Putin do?

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Leeds daily photo said...

Not sure what Putin would do, but it might involve a bare knuckle fight with a bear to the applause of his young lady admirers.