Monday, June 06, 2011

Lovely warm country stream in Indonesia for swimming, fishing and washing - the family, the clothing or the 4X4.
Fish farming projects provide a supply of fresh fish for these inland Indonesians and is a very healthy alternative to imported beef. Folk might travel on the bus with a little dripping plastic bag of water with a fish in it. 

Live beef export is more than the horrors at the time of slaughter.  For years, cattle are transported to the port of Darwin by road transport over very long distances, as witnessed in the NT,  and there could be other ways of getting them there.
After the sea voyage to our northern neighbour, on reaching the wharves in Indonesia the cattle are probably loaded on trucks to endure another ride. Some roads are like 'goat tracks'. The journey to slaugher houses in distant parts of Indonesia does not bear thinking about. Admittedly this is only my guess work.

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