Sunday, June 19, 2011

All aboard at Kempsey Station. Many of these passengers were taking the train to bypass the flooded Pacific Highway which has been closed at this point for about four days.
The highway is roughly in the distance under the flood.waters which cover the cow paddocks. A viaduct crossed the high and wide river just south of Kempsey station which is on higher ground where a flood free 'suburb' has developed.
Surely it is the preferred area of development but not for the the big duopoly supermarts who have just established themselves down on the banks of the river in the original settlement. The highway is planned to bypass Kempsey township all together.
This afternoon, the New England Highway was in good enough condition except for a few patches, and pot holes were under repair near Murrurundi or thereabouts, police cars were active and the pot holes were largly all patched up in the Singleton area.
Coffs to Dorrigo and Armidale was a wonderful run,  notwithstanding narrow hairpin bends on the long steep climb through rain forests, a big semi trailer or two, several high fast waterfalls splashing the road as they thundered down and the road, which is narrow, has a very low wall between car and a vast sheer drop at several points. Not to be missed. 

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