Thursday, February 10, 2011

Considering how milk supplies lots of protein and calcium along with carbs and fat, it now offers even greater value for money at $2 for two litres of some brands of fresh milk as recently discounted by the duopoly. The 'squeeze' is on the dairy farmer.

Milk is miles ahead of a bottle of sugar and water as in cordials. 
Coco Cola costs $3.45 for two litres. Pepsi or Schweppes lemonade are $2.65 for two litres. One brand of mineral water is $2.39 for 750 ml of
Adams ale.
All of which is totally out of proportion. There must be big dollars in cordial, useless as it is.

All the same, apart from fats and sugar, both milk and cordial have been criticised from a health point of view but that's not mainstream.

Cow herds wait near the gate and know where to cross the road, day after day.

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