Sunday, March 15, 2009

In the theme park, Dreamworld, Gold Coast, (South-Eastern Queensland) are these fine Sumatran tiger cubs, Shanti, Jaya and Ndari who were born last June as part of an international breeding program to save this critically endangered species.
At Dreamworld's Tiger Island, the animals, including elegant gold and white Bengal Tigers, play and interact with their handlers in activities that are designed to raise money to finance their care and to save the species.
Two recent reports of the Sumatran tiger tell of their cruel attack on the farmers. Wonderful Jungle habitat is lost in Sumatera and land clearing is unstoppable and the Indonesian government is not helping.
Of course, our country is no example either when it comes to land clearing.
And at present, 60km of coastline, north of Brisbane, is in crisis from an oil spill. A ship's fuel tank was ruptured in a storm.


Lowell said...

Such cute little kittens. But it's probably best to not try to pet them.

Buck said...

Beautiful 'kittens.' Here in New York we have many small parcels of land set aside as nature preserves, but they aren't usually large enough to sustain a large animal like a moose or wolf. An exception is the Adirondack Park, and that area is under constant pressure for further development.

I hope the Pacific Adventurer mess isn't as bad as it seems.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Gorgeous. Oil spills really are deathly to wildlife.We often only here of things like this through blogging.