Monday, March 09, 2009

The City Council Greening Centre, Kotara and the joy of shade.

In summer-time people look for shade and motorists often park their car under a shade tree and a tree-lined street with vacant parking spaces becomes a sight that fills one with joy.
I'd like more shade trees in our street because of their benefits and to park the car under and after resolving to do this for a long time, finally struck a blow in that direction by visiting the City Council Greening Centre.
It was suggested that a resident phone the council HQ first to find out what trees are most suitable. I must get on with it.... one day. Ho hum.

Last week there was a strange occurrence when a rainstorm left brown muddy spots and marks all over our cars. Dust had been carried in the air from the inland regions or some say it came from the burnt-out lands in the south and created special effects on dark coloured cars.
So, now, the roof-top solar panels are very grimy and dusty and are not peforming really well. They need a wash!

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