Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Amazingly a very large crowd came along to ride the new light rail during the public opening day complete with little stunts to mark the occasion  In hot sun, a long line of punters extend out and down the block awaiting a sardine-like experience which took them past Honeysuckle, Civic, Crown Street, Market Street to the final stop Pacific Park aka Newcastle Beach.
I believe the large flag was flown by an ardent protestor.  A reminder about the debate over the loss of the old train service.
In the city library it came to mind to have a look for ideas about the stir fry to improve on my existing haphazard methods. If a lift home is not available, take care not to choose a cook book that weighs a ton as many of them do.
 Things have moved on and the new cuisine which is usually delicious is not exactly like the old stir fry. Hunt through all sorts of diets, kale, low carb, paleo and more kale, be side tracked by wonderful feasts and exaggerated ambitions to try this that and the other without giving in to it - this time -to come up with the desired meal. 
 This time the result was tasty and the flavours were usual with a little lift as the thinly sliced chicken pieces had five spice mix, lemon grass, grated ginger and garlic applied an hour before cooking, grated lemon rind and juice added to the usual stir fry ingredients lastly coriander and spring onion. The Hoi sin sauce was rather salty and salt is usually avoided in my dishes.

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William Kendall said...

The light rail looks not that different from ours, including the red.

Our major expansion continues to be delayed.