Monday, June 04, 2018

 Strange and unearthly from Skylab.....for earthlings a truly remarkable planet like no other - so far.  Splendor is all round us. Protect our environment. 
A slow environmental revolution is stirring in the supermarkets seen at Woolworths.  In response to legislation?  Free of single-use plastic bags.  Praise be!
It takes more effort..  Is believed that single use plastic bags will remain in use in fruit and vegies. Thick white plastic bags are offered for 15 cents each and can be reused for a time.  What will become of them?
Long lasting reusable fabric bags continue to be available on sale.
The poster includes a translation into a Chinese language and is pleasing to see. An issue of importance?  Translation into several languages more commonly used in our suburbs might be of  benefit.

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William Kendall said...

I've taken to using fabric bags for groceries.