Saturday, August 12, 2017

Flag pole just like the one on parliament house - on looking closely.

The question of same sex marriage is reduced to a contest when deep issues are the subject of a survey by post with advertising campaigns used to sway the 'yes' or 'no' respondents.  Significant issues via snail mail. Whatever is the government thinking...again.
We can cooperate and agree with all human rights for gays.
Hope it is reciprocated when it comes to other matters. Like enthusiasm for environmental legislation.  We could have our human rights in place yet have a troubled existence in conditions of  extreme weather.
Whatever is the government thinking going all the way with the unpredictable Trump. We will be in more trouble.  The global community needs to find a way to curb dictators.  It is absurd to be held to ransom by any extreme head of state, be it North Korea or elsewhere, a teen delinquent playing war games in a country steeped in secrecy and control, seeker of hubris in front of patriotic robots massed in absurd numbers, mass abuse.  How is it that the world community stands by?  Or meets the insanity with more insanity.  Crimes against humanity might be one way.

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William Kendall said...

We've had it here for years now. The sky didn't fall, civilization didn't crumble. It's a matter of civil rights. Too many people don't see it that way, unfortunately.