Thursday, May 29, 2014

If you drive instead of taking the A train these dramatic chimneys are a landmark near Newtown, probably on an old brick kiln.
Where are the vast numbers who will depend on pensions in an aging population and so stress out the budget?  Growing illness and obesity in plague proportions do not lead to a long life. Only the lucky will reach the jackpot at 70 years. Are there any children who can't boast asthma and allergies or emotional or learning disturbances? How will they be later on?
Has the Tony Budget poured money into healthy living? No way. Even made direct cut backs, I heard, and indirectly is a source of stress.

Disease prevention and more and more prevention, promotion of healthy lifestyle, exercise and diet are much more important than 'picking up the pieces' at hugh cost in hospitals and the vast illness industry including medical research - a proposed beneficiary in the budget not only that but taking from more essential services.
Research needs support although there is no need to reinvent the wheel and could leave much of the work to Harvard or wherever. 
The everyday prevention of stress and provision of mental health services, good community and housing, equity and a good standard of living are what count in a really useful budget and the proposed budget does not help at all.   

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