Sunday, February 10, 2013

Black swans taking cover in a little bay on Lake Macquarie. Dull weather has left us for warm February days.

Recently, the doco, Gasland, from Josh Fox in the USA, showed all the dreary problems that follow-on drilling for shale gas and the film was made some years ago when some states were already littered with wells. Is Josh still hiding out in an idyllic spot on the banks of the Delaware untroubled by fracking activities? Although it was filmed in warm weather.
Europe doesn't seem to be taking gas drilling as a given. Must we follow everything that is done by others and copy their mistakes.
Stuck at home lately I have seen more TV and the interest shown in movie making and the celebs is difficult to take seriously. This pervasive imported rubbish is all over commercial TV.  It has its following.
 Please girls, don't adopt, the must have hair styles featuring long locks carefully tumbling forward on each side of the face over the shoulders and down. Please be more down to earth.

The local food industry has been quiet about the horse-meat troubles in Europe.  Are we importing the same products? who knows? another black mark against processed foods.

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