Monday, August 23, 2010

Time warp at the Guggenheim. A Post card arrived and took about a week to reach here by air mail. Travel hype in the Sunday paper told of an Australian presence in the shopping aisles in New York. How could you possibly waste your time shopping? The city must be full of other wonders.

My gross weight: 82.5kg (+.5kg) 


Siobhan said...

This is a strange co-incidence as I am in NYC at the moment. Trust me, the shopping here is sometimes the perfect antidote to what I call awesome-haze. Your eyes are assaulted by amazingness at every corner. Shopping can help recalibrate the senses.

Chris said...

Siobhan, that is one of the best descriptions of the NYC experience I've ever read, and I lived in Manhattan for 7 years.