Friday, February 01, 2008

What do others say about the city? In the earliest days of the colony Newcastle was nicknamed 'hell' by the convicts (wikipedia). I believe 'like Siberia' was another description. Wrong again!
Mark Twain visited Newcastle on a lecture tour and was not impressed.
Well, things have changed (for the better).


Sally said...

Hi Julia....yes, these days lots of people think of Newcastle as a madium sized city successfully reinventing itself after its industrial past. I must admit I still think of the view across to the steelworks and Stockton, and Nobbys from the waterfront as "classic Newcastle".

Love the art work.

julia said...

I rather liked how it used to be. It was daggy now its nice. Not much 'mystery' about it now.

Sally said...

You are cordially invited to return to Sydney for a reconsideration of the Opera House and its place in people's thoughts!

Pat said...

I'd certainly like to visit Aussie land.


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Anonymous said...

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I grew up in Toronto, and Newcastle in the 80's was like nothing you have seen... then the last time I was there... a few months ago... I couldn't get over just how much of a ghost town the place had become... I hope next time I head back there that things have changed for the better... I did notice that once BHP shut down - that was pretty much it... take care