Saturday, December 08, 2007


Despite the very bad name that palm oil is getting I like this snap of these men with their harvest from the palm trees of an established plantation near their village. Trucks, with high wooden sides, seem to collect the crop from the roadside to take it for processing which involves heating and steamy, noisy, pungent work.
Palm oil is an ingredient in many items on all our supermarket shelves. Demand for it has increased.
Tropical jungle is cleared so that more plantations can be established. The jungle is an essential and unique yet diminishing habitat.
The UN Climate Change Conference is underway in Bali where 180 countries seek agreements on enhanced global action to fight climate change with focus on the post-2012 period. All land clearing and illegal logging should be high on the agenda. Information is on


GMG said...

Anyhow, it seems things are improving; at least Australia joined Kyoto!
I'll be out from Wednesday through Sunday, but meanwhile leave you in Amsterdam!
Have a great week!

julia said...

Yes,joining Kyoto at long last but I don't think we have stopped land clearing or logging in old growth forests

~tanty~ said...

They seem very happy :)
Nice shot!