Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Game Of Chance.

Hangin' around. Waitin' for a spin. Chocolate Wheel or chook wheel or gambling wheel at Pippi's At The Point Hotel, Speers Point, nice view of Lake Macquarie.

Bingo! Another record: coal ships ancored off port: 73.
Global Warming: the stakes are high. To raise awareness, the first Wednesday of each month has been designated:
Lights Off Australia ............Sign up. Cool the globe. Our record here is terrible.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,

Is this the first time I've been here? I'm just down the road from Chris in the other Newcastle!

Great picture, I just love it!

While I'm here I thought I'd let you know that I have moved my site on to Wordpress, unfortunately that means it's time to update those links again.......sorry.

The Wiki that you can use to copy and paste the links into your template/sidebar is very simple and usefull.

South Shields Daily Photo

Deb said...

cool photo-very colorful wheel!

Lilly said...

I LOVE this post. We should all save energy and think more of the enviroment. You get my vote any day! Cool the globe indeed!!

Anonymous said...

It looks so fun!