Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Story teller, writer, Frank Clune, wrote of a group of prospectors who gathered at Uluru in 1940 getting there by motoring along in wheel tracks and then changing to camel train.
 He said of the rock 'the natives name it Oolera' and  'it has power to throw its magic spell on the beholder and 'no man could feel egotistical as he stands in its mighty shadow'.
   He felt the lure of Centralia and its immense solitude and peace.   He climbed the rock as a matter of course attended by 'the native tribe'. Luritchas. The group camped in the shadow of Uluru and even cleared an area for a plane to land.
Later, were busier times in 1944 when military operations were set up in Alice Springs to defend northern Australia and General MacArthur looked in.

Currently, Stan Grant, journalist and more, of Aboriginal heritage, has drawn attention to the truths of our shared history and developments.

The same for the anniversary of the visit of Pope John Paul 11 who, surprisingly, visited Alice Springs to address the indigenous people and tried and say it like it is. 29th November 1986.
SBS TV has a doco beginning on Tuesday 29th Nov,  venturing into the indigenous world and it is sure to be confronting and stirring.

In the country, a path with markers of a tragedy, to walk, to ponder on the Wirrayaraay people who were murdered on the slopes of this ridge ....1838.....Myall Creek ....
 The memorial is near Bingara NSW. 

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