Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Road Trip

The town, Hay, on the Bidgee, was formerly Lang's Crossing begun in mid 1800s, on the travelling stock routes or Great north road or The Long Paddock that saw flocks of sheep, cattle, walk hundreds of miles.
  First a punt crossed the river and the river was busy with trade and shipping.
 A timber and iron bridge with a special turntable middle section that swung open was built in 1874. Replaced in 1946 by this offering.  The railway line added to decline in river trade. stock to cross bridge without 24 hrs prior permission....

The travelling stock routes were/are over a lot of the state and seem to be a 'corridor' for stock, near the roads.
 As well as stock and fodder, the strips of land are a special source of biodiversity, where longstanding plants and trees are left standing.
Humans and vehicles have some access.  Take a long hike, camp.

 There is risk that the zones will be sold for state revenues or unlawfully occupied by local stock or for crops and their amenities neglected - it is believed. 


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