Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rodeo, Maitland Show. Events for little kids - were they six year old kids and upwards. Very small kids rode very small calves.
  Children turned into little adults yet there is a valid role for childhood and skylarking is aok.
  I've got nothing to lose. If you stop and think, how does this sport relate to the future 'adult' male? We are told our families increasingly suffer trauma and murder by the male.  It reflects on the male's psyche.
  Lashings of domination, cruelty and toughness at an early age were part of this 'fun' event and one applauded by the crowd.  

Monday, February 23, 2015

 Barrel racing at the rodeo at Maitland show.
Heading for cover from a shower of rain it can be seen that one small section of the big old grandstand offers some shelter.  Most of the stand is fenced off  and in need of repair, I suspect.  The country showground barely survives no matter where it is, I suspect.  

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A little gift from Thailand. 
Something for everyone. Directions and uses: Take one to four tablespoons as a supplement.  Mix with hot or cold drinks and smoothies.  Mix with cooked rice. Use in place of butter or margarines. Use as a cooking oil (savory and dessert).  Ideal for hair and skin moisturizer.  Use as a make-up remover. Use as a sunburn prevention.
Yes, coconut is trending.  The labelling: organic, raw, unrefined.
Coconut plantations as a vast monoculture are environmentally undesirable and no better than palm oil plantations that involve clearing jungle habitat.
I am not endorsing all the above uses of coconut oil.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

  Coconut Trees are easily grown in the tropics. Most scenes are framed by a lovely fringe of leaves.  Palm fringes and flowers may serve as  decoration for a special occasion - bilas.
  The trees eventually grow tall and there is always a bit of a risk that a coconut might hurtle down. Locals in PNG would see a misfortune like that in supernatural terms 
  A plantation looked like this following a storm.  Or were the trees just past it.  I forget - lossim ting ting. In Papua New Guinea. Upper photo is the Madang Resort hotel some time ago.
Back to pre digital days as my little old camera has troubles and smartphone pics could be taken more seriously. One of these days. Maski.  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Minister for Transport, NSW, with red handbag, was trainspotting today and electioneering on the local rail, plus bus, network.
Save Our Rail group was on the ministers path to Hamilton station where she caught the Telarah éxpress' for the Maitland area.
Not much action occured hence the substantial police presence was not overworked.
Slightly more interesting photos failed to process.
What status does Newcastle have in state budgeting?  The rail in Western Sydney has a number of extensive rail and bus interchanges. They are nothing new in Sydney.  Of course, the population there is much higher. Decentralisation would be encouraged if more resources came to the provinces.

Monday, February 09, 2015

At the gallery of NSW, a Pop art moment.  Marilyn Clones?  Conservative liberals can not stand on their own two feet.  They proclaim stability and unity at any price. The patriarchy is so last century.
  Game of thrones? No, not like that dynamic game.  More like a brooding House of cards.  MPs prepared to live with a very unsatisfactory leader for a favourable deal over submarines. Seems to miss the point. Is that as good as it gets?

9.18am post spill.  Imagine the hubris from now on by Abbott. Now he says the country is doing well - now that's a change of tune.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Teetering wharf.
Unexpected change keeps us on our toes.  Even chaos looks good compared to the present conservatives.
Stability continues to make me uneasy.
The country needs revenue and the government seem incapable of raising any equitable taxes. Even remove seemingly essential taxes.
Infrastructure and more and more roads are proposed. Instead, limit cars and turn to renewables.  Even lip service would be a start.
This country and its circumstances mean it can't be as posh as a Dubai or a Shanghai. Yet.  If that is the goal what price are we prepared to pay as wealth depends on high growth and consumerism but recent thinking points to the limits and inequalities of all that.
 The prime minister talks of journey. But we have a race to alter our lifestyle via policies that seek growth yet toy with what we hold dear and enjoy.  Social capital needs care.
 A sustainable journey is the only way to go and one free of inequalities. A brave leader will take it on.
Setting limits on the illness industry goes without saying but why only target GP services and more so for the needy?
 Instead reign in endless higher order health services and over servicing and countless pharmaceutical products.
 Same with higher education.  Begin pruning at the top. 


Monday, February 02, 2015

A lone weed. And bee.
Unbearable, Abbott had even more hubris at the press club. Who will take him on?
That he will be liked by the average person is just too much to take given his promise of lower taxes - read lose half of our services - stress on security, demonization and blame of others and saving us from them plus economy, economy and more economy.
Blameless victim with a mantra.  Nothing substantial. Devoid of uplifting ideals.
Concern for future generations?  Then climate change policy should be number one.

Number of coal ships waiting off shore: 20. 

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Newcastle baths pounded by waves Friday.  The tide was receeding.

  Eye strain, stress and compulsive viewing this weekend with the Socceroo's victory and Serena W in Melbourne - a knock out with Toyota styled celebratory leaps!  The pair were in complete contrast.
    At the swimming pool the usually benign seating was submerged. Experience leads one to step back to avoid a shower. A man said he ruined his camera there in the last storm.