Friday, November 17, 2017

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Could this be a mature Crimson Rosella?  Could we be camping in wonderland?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Laughing Kookaburra - the most massive of our kingfishers and best known. These are youngsters.
We can take their laughter for granted yet it is very bizzare.  A benign stretch of bushland will suddenly erupt in unheard of sound effects.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Heirloom embroidery, Australiana style.  Gum blossom in detail.
Could be the Eastern Rosella where a hundred per cent accuracy of colour was not the point of the exercise.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Campers visiting a spot near Chichester Dam would very likely know and love a flock of Australian King Parrots who front up seeking attention.
The local said over 150 different birds had been identified by birdwatchers and thought bird numbers had not declined there.

Friday, November 10, 2017

My wish to you is that in your life time you will drive down a country road and find the countryside a true delight.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Monday, November 06, 2017

I wish that in your life time you will enjoy seeing a country stream.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Beersheba and the first world war and one of the last large cavalry charges, is honoured today at its centenary with an enactment in the Middle East. order was given; one unheard before in military history. Cavalry were to be sent against infantry who were well entrenched, supported by machine guns and covered by artillery. The 4th and 12th Regiments of Light Horse were ordered to charge.....

Drawings from a little old copy of The Wells of Beersheba by Frank Dalby Davison with illustrations by Will Mahony, 1947.
Horses, said to be from all corners of our land, were shipped out for an alarming cruel long desert march to a battle front that put everything at risk.

 It is the time for blue blossoming jacaranda trees all round town. Thunder storms arrive now and hail pounded us last week.  The storms batter the flowering trees and are a disaster for mango trees where the fruit is in early stage - what could be worse? At least delicious mangos from the north are on the shelves.

From the past: Lambton Memorial Baby Health Centre.  Now our offspring are not monitored in that way but in the nearby shopping centre is the commercial equivalent in a 'baby nurse'.
The memorial has become a tea room.  Panels at the entrance refer to the war years.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Times of change.  Want that 'sickie' validated at the chemists?
 Same sex marriage is best accepted in our present day.  It is a matter for the state to enshrine it in law.
  Respect for LGBQ community is due in a just society.
It is frowned upon to mix this with further issues but does it imply that relationships, casual or other, are made between people of any genders or of any sexual orientations? Is it gone along with that more than homosexuality that all or any orientations are acceptable relationships. It is a totally private matter most of the time.  Change is underway.  I'm slow on the uptake.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Jumping ship. 
No original thinking in these words.  They say the young and old have become disillusioned with politics.  Look at the latest romp in federal politics.  It means interviews, publicity and focus on the group of dual citizens whom the court has invalidated.
We have got it all wrong.
Loss of a seat in parliament is significant but no other specific "sentence" so to speak.  What is the penalty for wasting time and money on elections, for leading supporters up the garden path, for parliamentary salaries and more, for legislating while disqualified or for using resources to determine next in line or by-election. For High court deliberations priced at millions per day.  No penalty. Not even an apology.
There are some extenuating circumstances but that's too bad.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

It is no Westconnex (50 billion plus), on a back road between Vacy towards Singleton this bridge rattles a lot and to give it its due is well patched up, craftsmanship is not high with the timbers left all uneven and one thick bent 'pin' the size of a stake on the wheel track, is it marked so as to dodge it or is it marked for repair?  No load limit is signposted nor passing or no passing.  Local drivers use their common sense probably.
The budget for road work no way compares with that of the city with the harbour bridge and the constant traffic snarls..
Believe it is the Paterson River, just north of where it joins up with the Allyn River.
Captain Cow and the dairy is in the vicinity where the lucerne on the river flats is bright green and contrasts with the dry brown countryside. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Gresford is easily reached and today the past was celebrated with a fair with rural themes and the little old Saint Helen's church celebrated 150 years which is rather old by our standards.
The church organist is shown with her baby son.  With grand parents at her side the baby was shared around and probably listened to the hymns.   

Saturday, October 21, 2017

A country river crossing heading towards Vacy and Gresford.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Spring didn't make much impact on this corner.  Rain has been scarce.
ENVIRONMENT.  A dim pink and dusty summer sky is not unusual but not so in England where they were confronted with a red sun, and dust and smoke driven from deserts and fires in countries to the south.
Scenes from a sc fi coupled with the effects of a hurricane - is it a wake-up call?
Shame the anti-intellectuals, including our so-called scholar and politician, were not meeting this week in this strange atmosphere in London.

Monday, October 16, 2017

This festival was well planned and well financed and highlighted a certain nation - the object of my    love/suspicious relationship.  Some say that that country has too much influence around our universities - for one .  I wondered about that when their centre of learning opened at the local university but who can say? The university would know what it is doing.

ENVIRONMENT.  Currently, with Ireland in its path, the powerful hurricane, Ophelia, is the most powerful hurricane to have ever been as far east in the Atlantic on record.
 Currently, our decision makers only toy with policies to curb the emissions from energy use that contribute to climate change. The law makers are weak and pushing back.
  One educated politician,  Jesuit education, I believe, and Oxford scholar, has abandoned science and talks second rate anti-climate-change gossip to make matters worse. We need to pay for our pollution in cold hard cash if that's what it takes.     

Monday, October 09, 2017

Hunter Street once again and the new bumptious presence of the University of Newcastle city campus. Or 'New'.
No gain without pain. A lane was closed all year while building was in progress now the whole street is closed.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Hunter Street as never before.  Revitalising Newcastle. Newcastle Light Rail. NSW Government.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Karaoke gave way to the league Grand Final with rapper Maclemore beamed into every corner of our parallel universe and Same Love was heard without a reaction in the country pub before it all became more hectic as the evening got underway.
 The tables filled, wifi pagers blinked, eating began, rowdy children came indoors from a grassy space with a big tree to climb, a few hopeful dogs prowled through, several bikies called in, two police arrived for a meal break their divvy van out front, the TV got drowned out, a local apple cider with a kick was enjoyable, the match itself so so.
Ours was a secure evening with a sense of ease, the rapper and his culture to be pitied and almost rejected, an urgent lesson for us to learn.  

Monday, October 02, 2017

 Gender issues are topical but campdrafting is unrelated.  Australian Stock Horse Society Eastern Branch 43rd Annual Breeders and Performance Championships and Campdraft this weekend at Gresford showground. A splendid warm calm day to farewell September. 
Stock Horses are a strong national tradition as is campdrafting. One beast is singled out of a mob by a horse and rider then let loose with horse and rider in hot pursuit to 'persuade' the cattle to run a set course rounding several points all of which is timed - my uninformed description.
 Pictured are events for the younger women wrangling calves or similar . The quality of the horse is of great importance as well as horsepersonship.
At one stage, a lively calf escaped in among the nearby tents, caravans and campers by the river bank but a pack of riders soon headed it out of the chaos.
 At least, there is a tiny strip of access to a river, hugged by the campers, access difficult to come by despite the endless waterways all over the countryside. Of course, lovely out of way legal camps are 50ks further on beside remote streams and need a bit more planning and determination. Someone we know has been rescued by chopper no less than twice (not two times) when injured coming down the rocky little river.
  Forget primitive access to the coastline, most of it has gone private and wherever can you find a real 'frontier'?  The most primitive hotel we ever found was in Merriwa, not so far from here.


All in a day's work..... this long weekend.....what's next?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Some films are shown again and again and Four Weddings and a Funeral is very enjoyable escapism the first half full of gags and then a wedding in Scotland is a top romantic piece.  It delves into deep values. The English aesthetic is just right - like settings, characters, humour, eccentrics, floral masterpieces, music and style.
 I guess the current showing is connected with the current vote for SSM. 


Sunday, September 24, 2017


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Motto: Truth / Veritas
Parody (clumsy) of Daily Telegraph columnists on Yes/No voters behaviour and SSM  - more of the same for this blog.

Frequently it is observed that many climate change campaigners are the bullies and bigots they claim to oppose. No, that claim belongs to the deniers.  Tim Flannery uses his scientific credentials of wide renown to relate the latest news of environmental issues. His fellow scientists who worked for official organisations have been released from their roles in climate studies by the federal government who acted in a shortsighted manner. These were regular workers not crooks or criminals. But their  gallant efforts to inform the nation is usually strongly countered by the newspaper columnists of the Daily Telegraph.
  Tim Flannery has a passion for the Australian environment and understands the consequences of our lifestyle.  His 'crime' is to have our future at heart. Environmentalists are subjected to strong criticism and put on a par with criminals by columnists who have no credentials in science and who act as true bigots by spreading disinformation far and wide to stimulate an army of intolerant readers.
Who are the real villains?  Is it the green activists who use a tiny bit of power to support environment issues without use of violence or personal attack.  The big names should pick on someone their own size.
The real villains are those who manipulate information and print bigoted headlines and use their power to raise conflict.  The real bullies are those who have no well-formed considered doubts and put the future of our planet at risk.  They must drown-out all common sense notions and abuse the modest efforts of reasonable people. Support for the big end of town must be behind the commentary misrepresenting itself to the average  reader.
 Are the real bigots those columnists who do not produce a balanced opinion piece and rely on sick, outdated, backward opinion to exploit and use shock tactics to keep sales afloat safe in a conservative media company of the Murdoch clan.  Right wing friends in the back benches or right wing Optus Dei members may be there in the background.  To some of which, the environmentalist Pope must be like a red rag to a bull when he gets a hearing.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Believe honey remains edible forever.  I gave this Allowrie Mixed Blossom Honey to family, the honey, dated July 2016, candied and sat in a cupboard so I recently asked to take it back and use it up. Sweet. How many Bees did it take to produce a kilo? Really it is a sugar, even sweeter than sugar cane.

Yesterday as a first for this season was heard the monotonous repetitious call of a certain bird that can get a mention in the media in spring. 
CLIMATE  Our winter had temperatures and a lack of rain that broke the records.  Same with rainfall in the flooded region in the US and the recent hurricanes where more records were broken.
That we have politicians that are climate deniers is staggering.
What is the nexus between conservatism, climate change denial, dead set against renewable energy, taking exercise, wearing budgie smugglers, Opus Die profile, vote no and messianic political pretencions?  Haven't they heard their Pope is outspoken in support of action against Climate change. What does it take?
The nexus must be MONEY and more money.  No matter what, profits must be made from fossil fuels -the  oil and coal; profits from plundering the seas and marine parks; from excesses rather than sustainable processes and despite the hidden subsidies. Global profits are high stakes. No one can stand in the way.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

In this book ...Nature is as important to children as food and sleep....the message is about the connection to nature and the crucial part it plays in develop(ment)....for a generation of todays children the pleasures of free-range childhood are missing and their indoor habits contribute to epidemic obesity attention-deficit disorder, isolation and childhood depression....SAVING OUR CHILDREN FROM NATURE-DEFICIT DISORDER. Atlantic Books London 2009 2010
'A cri de coeur for our children'... Margaret Stead, Guardian.

Nature and crisis....Song bird ownership, trading and competition is a large undertaking in Indonesia. Forest birds are endangered.  The forest goes silent.
The program, Earshot, on ABC Radio National, 11 Sep 2017, The Silent Forest, reveals more.  The program is available on media if you are brave enough.
I made an effort to be aware of bird life in Indonesia and while some were seen many a time it slipped my memory but no big numbers were there like in those instances where we have to use spikes to discourage them nesting on the front of city buildings or where they will literally steal food as you are about to take a bite. By and large, city birds are a different matter to wild birds.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Werewolves..... are stirring......

Power supply.  I might be prepared to turn off the power supply at night in peak summer hours if there was a good financial reward.  Tho it would be worth a lot to me.
There is never much emphasis put on reduction of household demand, just cutting back, turning off some lights etc. We could be made much more aware of saving power.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

 It wasn't all that long ago that the wharves, instead of diners, had cargo and labourers unloading 
the ships which had dark holds and cranes and stuff everywhere. The storage buildings of which two remain have been adapted.  Honeysuckle Hotel is in one and a Marine museum in the other.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Quite a crowd were relaxing along the foreshore 'path' this Fathers Day.  Honeysuckle Hotel was choker block and the food was worth waiting for.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Lofty gymea lilies rival the communications towers. \
 It is believed senators are looking at legislation around media, even further concentrating ownership. In return the Australian Broadcasting corporation is looked at, strangely, with the idea of more services operating around the countryside -  just the opposite direction - and pressure to reveal certain salaries.
Next, CBS will take over a TV channel and that does not raise a storm. We could do without it. And why look at salaries paid to ABC staff what about really gigantic examples in other corporations.  There is a rich reward no matter what sort of a stuff up by the executives.  Staff do their work well and others are rewarded for losing their job.    

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Surfing. Winter. This little surf break is between the baths and a rock platform, Newcastle.  Coal ships waiting at anchor on the horizon.  The previous long queues of ships have been discouraged and stay well out of sight or manage their timetable better and that often leaves only five or six within sight.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Critically endangered tigers.  See a decent clip about Sydney's Toronga Zoo. See a new tiger experience there.  You will take a simulated flight and live life-on-the-edge in beautiful Sumatra (Indonesia).  Meet real Sumatran tigers in the jungle.  Walk in a local village and market stall.
Most importantly, see about palm oil - a ubiquitous ingredient in many of our products.  Palm oil plantations all over are supplanting jungle habitat.
 The jungle is vital habitat for endangered tigers, orangutans, elephants and more and regulates green house gases.
 In Indonesia, prolonged wildfires and smoke pollution on a vast scale have happened, the soil, the timber and rivers all need protection and policing as well as maintaining a healthy natural environment for the people and the visitors to enjoy.  Just as we need to do the same in our own 'backyard'.