Saturday, March 07, 2015

Like sands in an hour glass....

There was talk of postponing our census usually done every five years, in order to direct funds into updating the department you could say.
 A lot of other places have a census every ten years some with sampled surveys, for instance, Argentina, Spain and France.
 The UK (64 million) does a full census every 10 years as does the USA (320 million) where the last questionnaire was short namely ten questions. 
 In comparison, our form is giant with 61 questions but our population is low (23 mill) and a full census of every household is attempted.
In France (63 million) annual surveys and rotating samples is an unusual method. Smaller towns are counted every 5 years and larger towns are sampled annually.
To each his own.

Friday, March 06, 2015

Will green Hakea beat yellow Geebung?  Sports day 2015.
 The day became sweltering. Even a polar vortex would have been welcome.

Digging up the Road lead to a detour yesterday. It was all go as the house on the corner was under renovation as well. They're digging a hole in the road  is another likable song for children from ABC media.
  Now, the dialogue in Peppa Pig, for instance, is from real voices that have good enunciation even if they have a nice distinct accent.
 Why do most other cartoon characters on TV sound stupid and shout?    How do the neural networks under formation in a tiny child process the bizarre offerings ?
 Shock horror.  Peter Rabbit on you tube bereft of UK English. The very essence of a show is lost in any remake.
Thankfully we are adaptable to offerings from all over the world and don't need remakes.
Bananas in PJs has become unaustralian in the hands of overseas artists, the outdoors do not reflect our scene at all, the cartoon has simply gone generic. 
Hope we don't eventually dumb down on a generic diet.

Last photo is of random drug testing unit.   

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Setting up again. Newcastle Show tomorrow for three days.  The greatest show on earth- not.
Outside the show ground, the police were making a show of strength with random drug tests on motorists.
A drug bus/coach, a trailer and the latest vehicles made up the ambush. State elections are just around the corner.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

A shout out for blueberries following the Hep scare.  Chinese products were suspect. Take pity on our producers. However, it turns out these are from New Zealand!  Can we live with that? 
The berries are rather good tasting.

Rail truncation work to the east towards Wickham.    Work goes ahead in leaps and bounds, after all, the state election is nearly upon us.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Plymouth Rock.  Rocks Maitland Show.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rodeo, Maitland Show. Events for little kids - were they six year old kids and upwards. Very small kids rode very small calves.
  Children turned into little adults yet there is a valid role for childhood and skylarking is aok.
  I've got nothing to lose. If you stop and think, how does this sport relate to the future 'adult' male? We are told our families increasingly suffer trauma and murder by the male.  It reflects on the male's psyche.
  Lashings of domination, cruelty and toughness at an early age were part of this 'fun' event and one applauded by the crowd.