Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Spring didn't make much impact on this corner.  Rain has been scarce.
ENVIRONMENT.  A dim pink and dusty summer sky is not unusual but not so in England where they were confronted with a red sun, and dust and smoke driven from deserts and fires in countries to the south.
Scenes from a sc fi coupled with the effects of a hurricane - is it a wake-up call? 
Shame the anti-intellectuals, including our so-called scholar and politician, were not meeting this week in this strange atmosphere in London.

Monday, October 16, 2017

This festival was well planned and well financed and highlighted a certain nation - the object of my    love/suspicious relationship.  Some say that that country has too much influence around our universities - for one .  I wondered about that when their centre of learning opened at the local university but who can say? The university would know what it is doing.

ENVIRONMENT.  Currently, with Ireland in its path, the powerful hurricane, Ophelia, is the most powerful hurricane to have ever been as far east in the Atlantic on record.
 Currently, our decision makers only toy with policies to curb the emissions from energy use that contribute to climate change. The law makers are weak and pushing back.
  One educated politician,  Jesuit education, I believe, and Oxford scholar, has abandoned science and talks second rate anti-climate-change gossip to make matters worse. We need to pay for our pollution in cold hard cash if that's what it takes.     

Monday, October 09, 2017

Hunter Street once again and the new bumptious presence of the University of Newcastle city campus. Or 'New'.
No gain without pain. A lane was closed all year while building was in progress now the whole street is closed.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Hunter Street as never before.  Revitalising Newcastle. Newcastle Light Rail. NSW Government.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Karaoke gave way to the league Grand Final with rapper Maclemore beamed into every corner of our parallel universe and Same Love was heard without a reaction in the country pub before it all became more hectic as the evening got underway.
 The tables filled, wifi pagers blinked, eating began, rowdy children came indoors from a grassy space with a big tree to climb, a few hopeful dogs prowled through, several bikies called in, two police arrived for a meal break their divvy van out front, the TV got drowned out, a local apple cider with a kick was enjoyable, the match itself so so.
Ours was a secure evening with a sense of ease, the rapper and his culture to be pitied and almost rejected, an urgent lesson for us to learn.  

Monday, October 02, 2017

 Gender issues are topical but campdrafting is unrelated.  Australian Stock Horse Society Eastern Branch 43rd Annual Breeders and Performance Championships and Campdraft this weekend at Gresford showground. A splendid warm calm day to farewell September. 
Stock Horses are a strong national tradition as is campdrafting. One beast is singled out of a mob by a horse and rider then let loose with horse and rider in hot pursuit to 'persuade' the cattle to run a set course rounding several points all of which is timed - my uninformed description.
 Pictured are events for the younger women wrangling calves or similar . The quality of the horse is of great importance as well as horsepersonship.
At one stage, a lively calf escaped in among the nearby tents, caravans and campers by the river bank but a pack of riders soon headed it out of the chaos.
 At least, there is a tiny strip of access to a river, hugged by the campers, access difficult to come by despite the endless waterways all over the countryside. Of course, lovely out of way legal camps are 50ks further on beside remote streams and need a bit more planning and determination. Someone we know has been rescued by chopper no less than twice (not two times) when injured coming down the rocky little river.
  Forget primitive access to the coastline, most of it has gone private and wherever can you find a real 'frontier'?  The most primitive hotel we ever found was in Merriwa, not so far from here.


All in a day's work..... this long weekend.....what's next?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Some films are shown again and again and Four Weddings and a Funeral is very enjoyable escapism the first half full of gags and then a wedding in Scotland is a top romantic piece.  It delves into deep values. The English aesthetic is just right - like settings, characters, humour, eccentrics, floral masterpieces, music and style.
 I guess the current showing is connected with the current vote for SSM. 


Sunday, September 24, 2017


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Motto: Truth / Veritas
Parody (clumsy) of Daily Telegraph columnists on Yes/No voters behaviour and SSM  - more of the same for this blog.

Frequently it is observed that many climate change campaigners are the bullies and bigots they claim to oppose. No, that claim belongs to the deniers.  Tim Flannery uses his scientific credentials of wide renown to relate the latest news of environmental issues. His fellow scientists who worked for official organisations have been released from their roles in climate studies by the federal government who acted in a shortsighted manner. These were regular workers not crooks or criminals. But their  gallant efforts to inform the nation is usually strongly countered by the newspaper columnists of the Daily Telegraph.
  Tim Flannery has a passion for the Australian environment and understands the consequences of our lifestyle.  His 'crime' is to have our future at heart. Environmentalists are subjected to strong criticism and put on a par with criminals by columnists who have no credentials in science and who act as true bigots by spreading disinformation far and wide to stimulate an army of intolerant readers.
Who are the real villains?  Is it the green activists who use a tiny bit of power to support environment issues without use of violence or personal attack.  The big names should pick on someone their own size.
The real villains are those who manipulate information and print bigoted headlines and use their power to raise conflict.  The real bullies are those who have no well-formed considered doubts and put the future of our planet at risk.  They must drown-out all common sense notions and abuse the modest efforts of reasonable people. Support for the big end of town must be behind the commentary misrepresenting itself to the average  reader.
 Are the real bigots those columnists who do not produce a balanced opinion piece and rely on sick, outdated, backward opinion to exploit and use shock tactics to keep sales afloat safe in a conservative media company of the Murdoch clan.  Right wing friends in the back benches or right wing Optus Dei members may be there in the background.  To some of which, the environmentalist Pope must be like a red rag to a bull when he gets a hearing.