Wednesday, November 28, 2018

From Papua New Guinea, the island to our immediate north, are carvings and weavings, story boards and shields.  Splendid face painting and body art plus wearable artifacts are seen at tribal gatherings and sing-sing activities for intense men and women.
 Recently foreign aid for PNG in the form of a national power network is planned by several nations working as a group which is a big challenge.  Imagine the cooperation called for and work in conjunction with locals as essential.  Solar should be suggested as top priority with appropriate technology thereby ahead of the donor nations. As well, aid needs to be on the ground ahead of China and its developments there.
 That we have a struggling country right next door is not on the radar of most of us apart from our long term aid budget which was liable to cuts until the Chinese ramped up their presence.  See the dreadfully slow improvements in public health.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

November, Jackaranda and Christmas Bush - what could be more typical?

The nascent Christmas Bush is not humming with bees.  When will they arrive?
 The blossom will gradually turn red over the next several weeks.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

National priorities. Idealistic nonsense. It's about the issues that can't wait.
  Call a halt on spending time money and energy on most things that we can well do without and instead address critical issues that cannot wait. The time is now.  The ultimate rewards will be ten fold.
 High levels of extinction of wild life is recorded globally. Insects...bees..failing. Fascinating animals gone for ever and the very web of life in jeopardy where our interdependence is crucial.
 It is trite to describe the world as worse than ever and be a victim of the news cycle that overloads us with national dramas but do we really come to grips with the size and scope of some trends? Communities in many areas are on mass migration. Environments are consumed by bush fires. Weather patterns are changing and records are broken. Those are the major priorities to address.

The sacrifices and horrors of war are not lost on me one bit. But, $500 billion to finance additions to the extensive national war memorial is unnecessary.  Empire building out of control. An investment to stimulate in the national psyche some sort of spirit based on war.
 We could be steered into positive, inspiring but pressing notions about out future. Spirituality is found in nature and its renewal not only in war, death and mateship.

Celebrate life. Celebrate the future, work for peace and make better use of money to fund urgent priorities.   

PS I am remiss and have had it pointed out that positive aspects about war need to be stressed in order to gain military recruits and approval of the next conflict.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Since about 100 BCE these two buildings have stood empty close to a now pivotal part of town. What is their story? Near Honeysuckle and Hannell.  Development is all around.
  Never mind. Other notable sites have moved ahead after sitting idle for aeons.  Latec House!

Thursday, November 01, 2018

See works from the Impressionists at the Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney . On loan from The Hermitage.
The time will fly during a visit. Big names. A few have glaring colours. An audio visual is curious. The staff were attentive at the time.  Has an admission fee and usual appealing merchandise.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Friday, October 26, 2018

Outdoing Portillo.  NSW City Rail Sydney urban and Newcastle.  On a good day, no crowd, seats plentiful, the air-con was right temp, on time - which is usual - all good.
A couple of minor hitches of my own doing - the timetable has been up dated but using the old times there seemed no need to hurry but a Sydney service departed when just 20 metres away to buy a paper but the next train left before too long. There is no crass indicator at the point where the train departs.The indicator is some distance away outside the 'barriers'.
The rail website has no easy access to the timetables.  It has a service that offers a total plan for a proposed journey close to the time of looking but does not seem to cover a journey in the future. It is much more interesting to see a full timetable for flights, trains or buses and work around it instead of the use of a string of fictitious dates to research travel.   
 On returning it was decided to change to a bus at Broadmeadow but the bus timetable had been altered and the next bus was thirty minutes away. It had been seen as a better alternative to any delay at Hamilton or Newcastle. The apps would be the solution.

Monday, October 22, 2018

When will urgent policy on climate change be addressed?  The conservative Liberals lost a by-election and lost their majority.
 They are slow learners.  Their mantra continues 'economy... economy.. and jobs' which ignores what electors complain about. Many say they were rejected because of lack of climate policy and failure to act on our disgraceful refugee prisons and the children therein as well as the change of leadership. 
  When will they ever learn? With their days running out decent policy might be shelved. More delay, no pressure, we have all the time in the world to swan around.  

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Seen: a large old mincer.  Not the mincing attachment for a mixer.  The brand is Ruberg which sounds European.
We had a similar smaller mincer and as a child I saw cold roast meat minced up, probably for cottage pie.
A standing rib roast was a great favourite and one that is not usually made available now.  It was made up of Sirloin or T Bone steaks in one piece.
The old rolled roast can't be good enough anymore or butchers have no time to prepare the roll which means using skewers and string to hold it together.
Our usual diets change over time. As well, Low Carb might ward off ubiquitous diabetes 2.  Then, like most diets, it has its detractors.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Meet Lord Jagannatha. Sanskrit for Lord of the Universe. The name given to the form of God, Krishna. An Eastern Indian festival has a huge heavy image dragged through the streets. (It has given rise to the word juggernaut).
Vegan and vegetarian dining in a practical manner is partaken in Mayfield West at a shopfront centre of the believers.

Unrelated topics-
Deutsche Grammophon marked its 120 annive rsary with an orchestral performance at the Forbidden City in Beijing.  The palace would have its own magical presence.  (J Post, Jakarta)  Just as well I can resist the regular emails about 'deals to get you packing'

A small flock of sea eagles, (I presume, probably wrongly, were large, not huge and shrieked) about 4 birds, created a big stir among the local birds who suspected them of predatory moves.  This morning all the birds cried out and the visitors shrieked and circled around and trespassed into the tree tops. A kookaburra and then magpies joined the small critters and flapped into the action. Then things settled down again after ten minutes.
The first intermittent repetitious solo call of a certain bird that arrives each summer has just been heard back again, welcome back, Koel!