Wednesday, June 19, 2019

 No fake news here it is to be hoped.  Well known TV figures beamed from outdoors similar to the true believers all outside the opera house proceedings where a stiff southerly was very chilly. The shortest day is nearly here.

Welcome news. Canada will ban some single use plastics such as straws, bags and cutlery by early 2021, P M Justin Trudeau announced recently and he is five months out from an election. (Reuters/SMH)
 Forces for good are converging. This is the very least we can do, the remainder of plastic materials need attention as well. Replace simple packaging for a start. 

 Micro plastics reach the sediment underwater and get into the food chain via fish.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Art Deco repurposed as Kinselas Hotel, Darlinghurst, previously a funeral parlour on Taylors Square where the rainbow theme is often seen.  The repurpose was mentioned on ABC as a good example and is among other interesting hotel buildings peculiar to Sydney so we unlikely patrons went along to have a look and do a little skulling for Hawke.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Very many happenings I witness lately seem the end of an era.  For good or bad.  .

The placard  Farewell Bob Sob is half hidden while the crowd were livened up by a fun Men at Work finale. 
The tone of the memorial, the quality, humour and intelligence was gratifying and good for the community.
Urban myths aside, leaders are no longer like Hawke, all the facets around good workplaces, the various equality wars, social justice and progressive policies are not so obvious anymore and the Labor party seems not held dear by those communities who stood to benefit in the past .

A little excerpt on climate change was surprising and was a platform for a capable descendent who has taken up this new yet impossible challenge. 

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Is this giant sushi or the cotton harvest?
This was an irrigated area, probably, around the Macquarie River, central NSW  The river had not dried up.
  • When mature, the crop is harvested mechanically and placed into large modules. The modules are loaded onto trucks and transported from the farm to a cotton gin (short for en-gin). Cotton gins are factories that separate cottonseed and trash from the lint (raw cotton fibre)
  • The cotton lint is tightly pressed into bales. An Australian cotton bale weighs 227kg (500 pounds)
  • Once the cotton bales are ginned, pressed and containerised, they are loaded on to trucks and trains and sent to port for shipping, mostly to overseas markets.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A sensational program on ABC TV gave an account of a psychotic antisocial slayer.
Dozens of people failed to respond to the man, the police half joked with the psychotic and others brushed him off when, in fact, emergency first aid is required.

We need to be better informed about mental health and the services require a more generous share of the public health budget for education, prevention, adequate staffing, adequate therapies, accommodation and long term care.

A totally reckless person fails to get care so imagine how much more difficult it is for a less extreme chronic battler to find good mental health services. It is a very worth cause.

March by a special interest group that had me guessing - life's rich pageant.

Monday, June 10, 2019

How much better it would have been if Labor had announced a significant policy regarding climate change and had voiced some opposition to a vast new coal mine before they went on to lose the election.

In the sunny central west of the state new solar was under construction - a big field of panels in an isolated acerage.  Construction phrase offers jobs and judging by the car park a workforce from all over had assembled west of the village of Nevertire.
 The company is biosar Aus P/L which has activities in many corners of the globe following its beginnings in Greece. There is at least one other large solar power plant in the area.

Change is in the air.  We have all heard of General Electric.  A site named Electrek reports that G E bet on fossil fuels and lost billions in misjudging renewable energy transition.  '
'The multinational profitibility collapse over the past few years can be largely attributed to the company's inability to judge the accelerating pace of the global energy transition from fossil fuels and towards renewables''
'Natural gas and thermal coal were the culprits''

Saturday, June 08, 2019

 Things to do on a long weekend.  Rail station is getting into the 21st century with the addition of lifts. Motorists were held up and were not amused.  What's far worse, has coal transport been put on hold for the weekend which is very serious.

Originally the station was a room, in timber, on the upstairs cross over. We must have been more hardy once. It was demolished and a prosaic red brick thing on ground level took over.  In recent times, two separate extensive renovations have upgraded the staircases so hope that work was not done in vain. Go public transport!

Areas nearby were once set aside for an overhead road bridge with a straight path ahead instead of the existing hairpin bend but it seems that long-term plan is scrapped for instance an existing building in the pathway is undergoing a complete makeover so it must be there to stay.

Redfern station in Sydney has no lifts which are found at most other stations. Redfern has or had an indigenous population as well as other groups.  Does that have anything to do with it?
This side of Newcastle has comfortable people and a fair share of some disadvantage, is that why the Station did not have a lift? why the council library seems less resourced than others, why a main church that has connections close by has its doors locked most of the time and uses extensive expensive exterior lighting while a  'sister' church in the next suburb remains unlocked and unlit and has no particular persons near by.

Thursday, June 06, 2019

In the Far West there was some signs of mobile reception at most of the little centres but not at Wilcannia although we did not check all over.  The town is more than tiny, has rather modest housing; welfare services, a security conscious general store and has an indigenous population and leaves one to ponder why there was no mobile reception. Incidentally the court house, jail and police station there are particularly fine old colonial buildings.

  A weekly train service takes about 12 hours Sydney to Broken Hill and is seen at Ivanhoe station mid afternoon. About 1200ks.  Returns the next day. Out on the flat earth it does 120 - 140ks.

  This week I saw a young mother and baby dressed in PJs, dressing gown and slippers at the supermart in Newcastle 'burb.

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

 The East Coast Low has been great but it probably annoyed everyone.  A rainbow late in the day and a setting sun and it was almost over after one only day.
 Below, service station odds and ends.  How much pool chemical is sold in winter?  Ice?  mowing? swap and go?

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Show about China at the Art Galley NSW recently.  The Tiananman Square uprising and shootings were 30 years ago. On visiting the Square the heroism was uppermost in my mind but things had  conveniently moved on, forgotten amid the sightseers and cult worship. Fascination and repulsion in equal measure.

Saturday, June 01, 2019

Golf course in town of Orange gave me a lovely sample of a muted forest floor thick with leaves over my feet and light showers of leaves all around. A magical scene like this is not familiar to us in Newcastle.  Nor the chilly air and occasional snow.  

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Autumn colours seen on the climb over the Blue Mountains.  Too short of time to stop for a more fitting image. Chilly overcast weather was a welcome change.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Darling River at Wilcannia last week. Downstream, the river was a series of ponds.
 Medium sized fish were half submerged while they were 'digging' into the slime gathered where the largest amount of water petered out. Other large fish were nosing around.
Wilcannia, on the Barrier Highway, the path to the west, is north of Menindee by about 100ks. 

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Rowing club.
Federal election today. Never before have I been so interested in a federal election.

Friday, May 03, 2019

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

STOP ADANI convoy paused in Sydney on their way to the mine site in north Queensland.  In village-green surroundings, an enthusiastic crowd was retold the case against a new coal mine.

Monday, April 22, 2019

 Easter.  Was it in defiance? A standing room only crowd at the cathedral in Sydney. Who can explain community reaction to recent history? 
 The liturgy was a total knock out. Grandiose and thrilling music. Widor et al thundered out while elegant choristers enriched the proceedings - and how !  Many would find all this alien or worse but liturgy such as this has a long heritage good and bad as it is.
At the same time, acknowledging the human weaknesses, dreadful abuse, the folly, and the extravagantness of the institution. 
Maybe pre-vatican 2 conservatism has no role in the music ministry. Be grateful for small mercies.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Smiths Lake. Not far from here.  The smallish tranquil lake is undeveloped. A natural environment.

Bob Brown, environmental elder, arrives in convoy at Parramatta Park tomorrow Saturday for a short rally, 12md, on the long road to Queensland.  STOP ARDANI Rally - the proposed coal mine.

The next rally is in Coffs' tomorrow and so on details are on line. Donate.

Who will actually draw the line and take a stand, even while it hurts, to stop carbon pollution.  It will cost us but is a priority.  We will learn to afford what really counts. 

The major political parties are unsympathetic on this point.  Labor is not 'sticking its neck out'.  Shame on them. Climate change policy is given no priority in electioneering. Data suggests the electorate seeks policies to address climate change.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Walk or drive to this beach a little off the beaten track. Several days of ultra calm weather was easy to take.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Winx wins her 33rd consecutive race this afternoon with a sell-out crowd and it did not 'go to her head' at all as far as we know how a placid horse like that responds. Her last race they say. She takes it all in her stride!  As for betting, no point, she was an outright favourite.    

Thursday, April 11, 2019

 Local event horizon

Education broadens the mind?  One tyme at university I heard a statement that no other celestial bodies were to be found beyond Pluto but I did not take that as a given. Now we find Pluto has a number of moons and other discoveries have been made in our solar system.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

 Mayfield is in transition.  Gradual change. Retail stores are closed and empty.   And Woolworth's twin is still on the drawing board - that's good, who knows what another new supermarket will do.
A pharmacy now doubles up as a newsagent amazingly.  Drugs and lotto - what else? 
 A cat in a bath - where else?

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Can we be reassured there is a majority 'out there' who would never ever vote for the shallow air heads that have come to light engaged in drivel about guns and opting for the confounded gun lobby that is a blight on the stars and stripes.
If only the ardent fans could all see, hear and take note of the words from their so called heroes they would know who are fooling them. Do they really want to pay a parliamentarian to lark around the world with nothing better to concern themselves with than the subject of guns.  Our time and money is wasted on certain elected representative who love promotion of delusional security risks and dangerous solutions. And are known for ignorant prejudice.
When nothing constructive or worthwhile emerges then some are unworthy of support.  No priority given to pressing issues. The Greens cop it. At least they address what matters. Compare that to a focus on a minority and their hang up about guns.
Be careful how you vote!

Saturday, March 23, 2019


One form is large for the Legislative Council.

The line of voters was long mid afternoon outside the school hall one of many halls proudly built during the GFC as a stimulus. The political origins of the assembly hall come to mind at voting time in the hall.

My area is not a swing seat - far from it.