Monday, April 22, 2019

 Easter.  Was it in defiance? A standing room only crowd at the cathedral in Sydney. Who can explain community reaction to recent history? 
 The liturgy was a total knock out. Grandiose and thrilling music. Widor et al thundered out while elegant choristers enriched the proceedings - and how!. Many would find all this alien or worse but liturgy such as this has a long heritage good and bad as it is.
At the same time, acknowledging the human weaknesses, dreadful abuse, the folly, and the extravagantness of the institution. 
Maybe pre-vatican 2 conservatism has no role in the music ministry. Be grateful for small mercies.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Smiths Lake. Not far from here.  The smallish tranquil lake is undeveloped. A natural environment.

Bob Brown, environmental elder, arrives in convoy at Parramatta Park tomorrow Saturday for a short rally, 12md, on the long road to Queensland.  STOP ARDANI Rally - the proposed coal mine.

The next rally is in Coffs' tomorrow and so on details are on line. Donate.

Who will actually draw the line and take a stand, even while it hurts, to stop carbon pollution.  It will cost us but is a priority.  We will learn to afford what really counts. 

The major political parties are unsympathetic on this point.  Labor is not 'sticking its neck out'.  Shame on them. Climate change policy is given no priority in electioneering. Data suggests the electorate seeks policies to address climate change.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Walk or drive to this beach a little off the beaten track. Several days of ultra calm weather was easy to take.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Winx wins her 33rd consecutive race this afternoon with a sell-out crowd and it did not 'go to her head' at all as far as we know how a placid horse like that responds. Her last race they say. She takes it all in her stride!  As for betting, no point, she was an outright favourite.    

Thursday, April 11, 2019

 Local event horizon

Education broadens the mind?  One tyme at university I heard a statement that no other celestial bodies were to be found beyond Pluto but I did not take that as a given. Now we find Pluto has a number of moons and other discoveries have been made in our solar system.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

 Mayfield is in transition.  Gradual change. Retail stores are closed and empty.   And Woolworth's twin is still on the drawing board - that's good, who knows what another new supermarket will do.
A pharmacy now doubles up as a newsagent amazingly.  Drugs and lotto - what else? 
 A cat in a bath - where else?

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Can we be reassured there is a majority 'out there' who would never ever vote for the shallow air heads that have come to light engaged in drivel about guns and opting for the confounded gun lobby that is a blight on the stars and stripes.
If only the ardent fans could all see, hear and take note of the words from their so called heroes they would know who are fooling them. Do they really want to pay a parliamentarian to lark around the world with nothing better to concern themselves with than the subject of guns.  Our time and money is wasted on certain elected representative who love promotion of delusional security risks and dangerous solutions. And are known for ignorant prejudice.
When nothing constructive or worthwhile emerges then some are unworthy of support.  No priority given to pressing issues. The Greens cop it. At least they address what matters. Compare that to a focus on a minority and their hang up about guns.
Be careful how you vote!

Saturday, March 23, 2019


One form is large for the Legislative Council.

The line of voters was long mid afternoon outside the school hall one of many halls proudly built during the GFC as a stimulus. The political origins of the assembly hall come to mind at voting time in the hall.

My area is not a swing seat - far from it.

Monday, March 04, 2019

 humble blue Ford Falcon

Certain Fords were cool once, well, they are probably Fords, Mustang alone was half decent looking

Saturday, March 02, 2019

 Little red Corvette.  Two classics. The Good Guys in the background. 
  We are unable to stand back and actually see the good guys in federal parliament in a different light. Parliament is a behemoth that busily justifies its existence, costs a fortune and interferes in our life that is bound up with state responsibilities. Health and eduction etc are ridiculously tangled up between state and federal control. We can't see the wood for the trees or would rationalise these methods. Well, that is not true as privatisation is adopted in that light so why not extend that to sort out state and federal responsibilities.
Slim intense committees alone could organise welfare and defence and taxation matters..
The role of a federal minister is so so.  A foreign minister is unceremoniously dropped.  What about the wealth of experience and negotiation matters that are lost? Counts for nothing. Two key defence roles are lost to retirement.  No matter, any fool can fill the shoes as they say. One day a minister for the River Darling the next day it is border security - whatever that is.
Despite an infinite team of advisors, often ignored, the Feds will set up a scheme for somesuch where blind Freddie could see the loopholes and aspects that will be exploited. 
All this is followed with intense focus on the Federal apparatus. So much time is wasted on scrutiny. Who paid for that holiday?  Was it lawful? Who was unreasonably feisty at a senate enquiry? It is unworthy as the bee all and end all.  If Federal parliament did not exist the focus would change to State affairs and the state budget would enjoy the vast savings and perfect their services.

Friday, March 01, 2019

Industrial side of Carrington and a very daggy train.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

 This tree is like a local cedar as seen from a pub in Paterson. Coincidentally, a medium sized tree fell down in the 'beer garden' at that very same time, no one was injured.  Below, crop of corn at Pitnacree plus pumpkins.  The riverside reserve at Paterson was very green and land in the district did not look drought stricken which is fortunate and bearing in mind that irrigation is found near the rivers.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Not very far from here in town. Or, not here in town but further out of town.  A local journalist remarked in The Herald about the latest writing habits and all the usual pitfalls into which we so carelessly fall.   Expression is an interesting skill yet is difficult to learn. The skill may be honed writers speak of perfecting each and every paragraph even when they are celebrated writers. Or is it a talent freely handed around because finding out about words and things does not guarantee good English will prevail. At this stage not much sleep will be lost over it.  The politics of climate change is our priority.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Friday, February 22, 2019

 Spoiler! Behind the scene and shadow puppet.  A legend seen in Clyde Street.
(On the fourth day a second tram broke down.)

Thursday, February 21, 2019

He who juggles on stilts.
Teething problems.  On the third day one tram had a breakdown.  It was said the problem was in the device that rises to contact the power supply that hangs above each tram stop.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Amazingly a very large crowd came along to ride the new light rail during the public opening day complete with little stunts to mark the occasion  In hot sun, a long line of punters extend out and down the block awaiting a sardine-like experience which took them past Honeysuckle, Civic, Crown Street, Market Street to the final stop Pacific Park aka Newcastle Beach.
I believe the large flag was flown by an ardent protestor.  A reminder about the debate over the loss of the old train service.
In the city library it came to mind to have a look for ideas about the stir fry to improve on my existing haphazard methods. If a lift home is not available, take care not to choose a cook book that weighs a ton as many of them do.
 Things have moved on and the new cuisine which is usually delicious is not exactly like the old stir fry. Hunt through all sorts of diets, kale, low carb, paleo and more kale, be side tracked by wonderful feasts and exaggerated ambitions to try this that and the other without giving in to it - this time -to come up with the desired meal. 
 This time the result was tasty and the flavours were usual with a little lift as the thinly sliced chicken pieces had five spice mix, lemon grass, grated ginger and garlic applied an hour before cooking, grated lemon rind and juice added to the usual stir fry ingredients lastly coriander and spring onion. The Hoi sin sauce was rather salty and salt is usually avoided in my dishes.

Sunday, February 03, 2019

From the files.  Cooling off.

A letter in Traveller Feb 2 (Sydney Morning Herald)

....I too, have a list but I also have a spreadsheet with a detailed clothing list.  My spreadsheet, updated for destination and season, has been the subject of many a joke for many years. However, last year my mother died five days before I was due to fly to Morocco and her funeral was the day before.  My spreadsheet saved the day and we managed to board that plane with everything we needed and everything done that needed to be done.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

A scorching national holiday.  Celebrate!
 Are there climate-change-denier politicians holed up somewhere in the worst of the record-breaking heat wave conditions?  Should do them good.  

Sunday, January 20, 2019

At the bus stop, King Street - quick before it becomes redundant.  Restoration of City Hall is almost finished and it is like new again.  City council has moved out of the 'round house' which will become an hotel I believe..

Sunday church-going sure has its ups and downs.  Today was notable for the splendid organist -accomplished, subtle variations, - good organists are a rare treat.  As well, a little child in the next seat was so lovely it brought tears to the eyes. Generations and tribes are together for a time.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Darling River conservation and fish.   Darling River, Wilcannia, (a very small 'village' 950ks west of Newcastle), Oct 2016.  The water level was not terribly low.  Wilcannia was a large 'port' in the days of river transport.
 Management of this unlikely long and grand old river is in the hands of an untold number of authorities. In reference to a local lake it was pointed out that The Department of Primary Industries Wetlands and farms project, a management plan for a lake was completed and recommended the fencing of the lake so the Lake Woytchugga conservation was undertaken by the Central Darling Shire Council.  It was funded through the Western Catchment Management authority High Conservation Value Program which is supported by the NSW and Australian Governments.

Just imagine if big time water user way upstream offered to release water into the system. What an amazing gesture!  Could they spare a drop from their water holdings the size of a harbour? (An insightful  French movie has a theme about water and manipulation)

Outside of Wilcannia is Lake Woytchugga - an ephemeral lake. Perhaps the area was a scene of neglect and abuse for a time...then a couple of authorities worked together to fence the lake which has environmental and heritage features.
   Lake Woytchugga is an ephemeral lake, impermanent, temporary, on the North -West side of the Darling River.  During times of flood, the flood waters from the Darling flow out via the Woytchugga Creek. The lake covers 2043 hectares when full and is typical of an ephemeral lake in the Western area of the state. 
  All the same, a web site says that in the past a culvert blocked the water flow to the lake and there were problems until the council removed the culvert.
  It is one of the many lakes that are connected to and are filled by periodic flooding of the Darling River. usually every 7 to 10 years,  a process that is becoming rarer and rarer in modern times.
  During times of inundation, water birds and other birds inhabit the wetlands.  The riparian vegetation along the Darling and Lake Woytchugga is used by many birds including the red-tailed black cockatoo to nest and is important for their survival.
  Aquatic organisms, and fish observed in the wetlands include shield or tadpole shrimp, fresh water mussels, yabbies and silver perch. Trees and shrubs vegetate the land there.
  Aborigines use the Paakantji language and call the Darling River Paaka and the Paakantji see themselves as belonging to the river. In good times they camped around the lake to hunt, catch and gather food, fish, birds, eggs, and plants.  Now, the younger generation is taught these skills and see the work of their ancestors. The land is a place of burials and of ancestoral spirits and serves  continuing connection to the land. Totems are another aspect.
 The internet refers to other tribes and languages as connected to the lake.
 The local signage conveyed the above description.

Monday, January 14, 2019

What's this?  Seen from rail interchange, the co-operative store is no more, facade unworthy. 

Often local trains pull in behind a Sydney service of six or eight carriages waiting at the station.  It is not exactly convenient to be deprived of the prime position on arrival.
 The Sydney trains could wait somewhere else and line up just before the time of departure. We would like Gladys to look into this.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

An hour ago this black twin cab was charging along with a flat tyre or on the rim - very noisy - followed by a dozen police vehicles sirens full on.
Keep clear! - would it get out of control? would shots be fired?
The chase ended when the twin cab crossed over and stopped outside an office building and everyone soon gathered round.  The offender was taken away.