Monday, October 14, 2019

It was serious yet predictable. The columnists in a Sunday paper all attacked and repeated the same 'shocking' outcry about the protesters who seek more action on climate change.
A request from Ita for more diversity in the media (!) was the last straw in a society 'plagued' by multiculturalism. 
As well, alternative energy as constantly seeking subsidies.....academics as lefties!
Extinction rebels provoked these adjectives: puerile, juvenile, small minded, brainwashed, questionable hygiene, socialists, angry fanatics, dole dependent, misfits, pathetic.

It is all written for effect, no thinking person could hold views such as that.

What responsibility is taken by the newspaper for misleading readers?  For failure to provide reliable data, failure to provide data from a number of sources.  For spreading half truths.
For failure to lead society to consider fine new developments for our benefit.  For failure to lead in directions that are inclusive and with high regard for all to enhance our mixed society and our mostly bountiful lifestyle
For failure of attitudes to protect our people, our lifestyle and our  environment and secure the future.
For failure to extend honour, safety and inclusiveness to citizens not just to footballers, or to Assarge and ocker Australians but extended to all citizens of all backgrounds and despite their mistakes.
For disrespect for refugees, and unhelpful mean spirited attitudes.   

For offering unending support for big industries at the expense of all others.
appropriate photo? highly approved casino etc. Sydney

One Columnist, Claire Harvey, was not anti-climate rebellion, in theory, but goes on with insulting ageism, older citizens are free to react as they wish, perhaps, true as entitled. I think the protests are then likened to tactics used by the Chinese government ethos and Hitler which is a ghastly comparison.
Protesters, Greens and climate change proponents must be seen in comparison to the powerful forces of government, industry and media who outweigh them ten times over.
It is a matter of proportion in terms of criticism.  Outlandish means are naturally used by protesters, to make protest worthwhile.  Their numbers are few so impact is exploited.
Another column is headed growth isn't the answer. What is the question? Is economic growth a problem?  No, the real point is made against an increase in migration. No reasons why an increase is a problem.
Migrant ghettos and non English language and gender issues are the result of multiculturalism we are told elsewhere.  Just the same, for example, I wonder how many foreign correspondents gravitate to a respectable enclave overseas with like-minded folk  It takes an open-minded Australian to fully adapt themselves into a foreign culture, others expect to replicate a lifestyle identical to the one they left,  yet some critics expect total immersion from an immigrant new to Australia. Try learning language later in life, it is very difficult. How many Australian-born go the extra mile and learn a language spoken by any migrants group? Gender issues are not raised out of concern but for criticism.

Fair go, for all these reasons, some newspapers such as News Corp fail us at the same time as they need support and more readers to secure their future. 
Idyllic day, much to enjoy and uphold, say NO to attitudes that stunt our well being. 

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Masks have various purposes.  Ancient and modern.

In today's paper, the message in one feature was about the failure of the government to adequately deal with drought which is a valid point but it was used as an excuse to rubbish climate change.
(Forget about protestors - they were totally beyond the pale (in other pages).
 The columnist was recently admonished for insulting a P.M. and it is just as bad to write denial of climate change science and to roll that into criticism of two government ministers who spoke of belief in it.  
  It is explained that the ministers saw links between climate change and causation of drought (I missed hearing they made that link) and as such makes them incapable of managing a response to the plight of the farmers.  I fail to see why that specially makes them incapable and they can be incapable for a variety of reasons.
  Two entities are pointed out who refuse to publish climate denial - shame this hint is not taken up.
  The scientific method is discussed and how it provides the best explanation at the time - all the same, the explanation is not accepted by the columnist.
  The subject of drought is argued to have no links with climate change and Prof Pitman, for one, is quoted. This does not deny that the overall picture is one of change to various aspects of agriculture. In other media Pitman can be heard explaining all aspects of global warming while rainfall prediction is seen as unclear.
  Shame certain words are written to sell newspapers and to protect and maintain the status quo at any price but that's News Corp who has too many irons in the fire nation wide which spread this gospel far and wide if newspapers still rate, I mainly see this paper in the coffee shop.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Another rant. 
Climate matters are very much to the fore this week.  A time to voice approval and promote efforts to avert climate change and join the push.
 Not so by our government and its leaders.  They know the score yet will not utter a suitable response. We are ashamed.  Surely some of us will object in a significant manner to this pathetic leadership. 
As they say, with friends like Morrison and Trump who needs enemies?

 It is fascinating to see the agenda of our newspapers and their unbelievable thoroughness at creating a negative attitude to climate change and to anything Green and possibly to Muslims and migration and on and on.
 It is not a matter of keeping quiet or report events but an effort to sling mud at those topics, to  trivialise or sensationalise, to belittle.
On 'ya Miranda Devine, for one, who must be in the business of writing to sell papers - what else could explain it, now she has gone to NY. Will she learn first hand how to fool the proletariat using Trump know-how and send back pro-Trump drivel to lucky readers.  

Friday, September 13, 2019

 The minister for agriculture etc now says he has always believed the scientists about climate change.

   The inquiry into aged care services continues on.  Having a relative in care is not without times of anguish for the person in care and for the relatives.  Aged care services can to be weighed up against  care in the family's own home.
 Much can be averted if the relatives themselves take care of the older generation where possible.
This is not suggested as if choice of professional care is slack but to literally avoid significant worry, pain, monitoring and attention to arrangements.  In many instances the older generation is more easily kept in communication while ever they remain with family.      

Monday, September 09, 2019

 Creative moves in school - dance, music, song and paintings were offered and were appreciated.

Our schools produced a government minister who in interview today intimated that with climate change the cause was not the point or didn't matter.  The sick joke is that his portfolio concerns agriculture and emergencies among a long list of 'insignificant' matters.
The government is paranoid about climate change.  An unwritten law bans the mention of climate change among the Liberals.  As if we are considered incapable of dealing with that sort of talk.
The Liberals suppress policy on a major threat regardless of the price we pay. 
A major anti-intellectual 'lost his seat' but others take his place, it made no difference.
school poster.... If you don't spread your wings you'll never know how far you can fly.....

Sunday, September 08, 2019

Travel and Thomas the tank engine.
Total Carbon emissions from the growing number of cruise ships have naturally increased although shipping companies are working on reductions.
 The total global CO2 -e Emissions (kt) from cruise ships in 2017 was 21,195 kt.  (kt or metric Kiloton is equal to 1000kg)
The estimated average per cruise ship passenger is 0.82  CO2.  This is the equivalent to a return air trip London to Tokyo economy class.
The figures come from self reporting from two main shipping companies as a basis for the estimations.

Aircraft emit C02 and other greenhouse gases which are documented.  The total C02 is 665.24 MT.
A MT is million tonnes.
Some figures: Great Britain 178.49 C02MT               per capita C02kg 415
Australia                                 17.48                                                         711
China                                    250.89                                                           50

from University Institute for Tourism and University of Surrey.

Saturday, September 07, 2019

The Three Sisters are still in Katoomba.
 Ocker Australians in the era of the sort of obligatory trip to London sixty years ago travelled by sea.  How would long distant sea routes be as an alternative to flights and carbon emissions?
 The ethics of air travel has had me thinking for some time.  To plant a few trees as offset is a gesture of sorts.
 Elizbeth Farrelly who writes very interestingly about the built environment, wrote in the Herald recently about ...the preposterous lie that endless travel is a basic right...and questions our addiction to travel and the consequences.
 How can one possibly steal a last overseas journey in this climate? Not to swell the hordes at the tried and true top ten destinations but more of the lived experience and to gallivant in a specific 'corner' of some culture and history would not fail to please.  

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Urban day trippers visit Echo Point, they make up a never ending stream of visitors.  A forceful gale didnt make much difference.
  In America, Wal mart says they will limit the sale of guns in some ways.  It is a good start.
  Today at the shopping centre I saw a baby well under 12 months given a hamburger from the famous fast food supplier. The parent first tore the burger in half. That's getting off to an early start.  I will own up to having a grilled chicken wrap and a cap'.
  In stock now: nice cauliflowers and runner beans are plentiful and reasonable.  Rain must have fallen somewhere. Avos are small and less expensive.  Mangos are appearing  -  well ahead of summer. 
  A strawberry 'war' is underway and the woody fruit is low cost.  Incidental prices of fresh food rose a whole lot for Fathers is usual on those sort of days. Is it a rip off or a response to demand for less plentiful, Thursday and those prices are back down again.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Art deco again and a more unusual figure. How does the quality rate?
My copies of the book  Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance by Pirsig have gone missing.  Quality is a theme in the mystery writings which use the Chautauqua form strangely related to meetings that once took place in America.
 Incidentally, a Chautauqua Peak is found in the Grampians National Park in Victoria where a spiritual meeting in the bushland in tents is recorded in an early newspaper article found on the net.

 Music of some quality may be heard in the cathedral in Hamilton.  Dr Anne Millard is the director of music who presents a fine range of hymns and songs with top organ or keyboard backing along with a group of  singers. It is a relief to find that the songs of praise will be enjoyable music.
 Church going is to take part in a sacred rite that has been continuous for two thousand years which is a certain something.  Of course, the rite has been embellished and developed over that time.  Not that it is a contest nor that age is any guarantee but the tradition still stands.
 Many aspects of the institutional church are dreadful. Other aspects seem timeless.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

More childhood wonder. Was it the high altitude that set the mind on literary themes. Perpetual winter and the garden of The Selfish Giant was there for all to spy. After a lifetime, Oscar Wilde's stories remain tucked in the memory.
 On the other hand, The Shining roamed in disturbed images of where visitors stay over and the Carrington Hotel is one such place.  It is a curiosity trying to be a la mode not that I would know much about that.

 Oscar Wilde did short stories,they are out of step and touching such as The Happy Prince, The Nightingale and the Rose, The Birthday of the Infanta.  It would be trite to write much of them.

A recent snow fall in Katoomba was a wonderful novelty. This was the scene at the Carrington Hotel  a funny old place in itself.

Friday, August 09, 2019

Lake Macquarie has two functioning power stations plus another near by and with those up the valley provide power far and wide for the state and further afield so around here we pay the price for the pollution.
Coal supplies reach the power stations by conveyors from the local coal mines.  The newer industrial design does not use brick, the workings are not housed but are in a mass of metal bits.

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Does Lake Macquarie community need a multistory building for some good purpose?  The de-commissioned juggernaut power station at Wangi is truly grand. How long has it sat vandalised 20, 30 years? And park-like fields surround the old powerhouse. What exciting plans are afoot?

Saturday, August 03, 2019

 Just another sunny day!  A red moon rose the night before and with the reflection in the lake was wonderful to behold. 

Friday, August 02, 2019

Looking east into the calm. Wallis lake.
From the Northwest Territories, Canada, a doco is examining the fascinating northern lights, a network of cameras recording the lights nation wide to discover what 'drives' the lights. Occasionally the lights are visible at much lower latitudes.  Just as they say the southern lights extend to Tasmania and further at times but can't be close enough to knock out power supply.
The car radio causes funny habits such as me jumping to the next station every time a Domaine or Harvey Norman ad begins which is every few minutes or so it seems so you can go from one end to the other or the ABC emerges.


Wednesday, July 31, 2019

 Unemployment benefits have not been increased for decades.  Rightly, 'everyone' agrees the payments should be increased.
 Afterall, the benefit and pension payments are an economic stimulous.  Generally, the money is not saved, it all goes on goods and services and helps the basic economy.
  Generally, the money does not go on amazing items that cause inflation, (what's that?) and all the spendings stay in this country.
 An increase in the amount of benefits is long overdue.


Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Displayed outdoors, at that, in front of a furniture dealer selling used 'treasures'.  There's always a surprise in store. Provenance counts but funnily the sales person thought these were from a Christian church!
Beautiful imported ornate marble table and chairs were exceptional another time, for a certain ostentatious setting. 

Saturday, July 27, 2019

No distance from the very main street of Broken Hill and the railway is a 'mountain' of tailings where mining for silver and lead began in 1895.  Broken Hill is in the far west of the state.
The multinational company BHP is now among the largest there is.
Believe it or not, in London, the company's chief has acknowledged the threat of climate change and the need for drastic action to lower emissions. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Strangler fig.  This one was left standing in a park.

Sunday, July 07, 2019

 Fish Market images. All those eyes....other animal like.  . 

 The reactions to vegan activists has been massive with them viewed as the worst of the worst.  Are we so ignorant that various matters must be completely suppressed in case we are led astray as if we lack all judgement?  And other matters other than veganism.
 We can well manage to hear positive reactions without being influenced into becoming rural anarchists. Without trivialising the actions, they could be seen in the light of an ambit claim, as a reminder of the consequences of our consumption of certain products that are not carbon neutral and lead us to consider what we eat and whether or not it will go round an expanding global population. Enlightened leaders would welcome us focus on the issues.  

Some splendid tropical species from North Queensland were soon snapped up....

Sunday, June 30, 2019

A fluid impression of Newcastle Beach.......
A 'bill board' hiding renovations at a shopping centre...
Coffee under the canopy......

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

 No fake news here it is to be hoped.  Well known TV figures beamed from outdoors similar to the true believers all outside the opera house proceedings where a stiff southerly was very chilly. The shortest day is nearly here.

Welcome news. Canada will ban some single use plastics such as straws, bags and cutlery by early 2021, P M Justin Trudeau announced recently and he is five months out from an election. (Reuters/SMH)
 Forces for good are converging. This is the very least we can do, the remainder of plastic materials need attention as well. Replace simple packaging for a start. 

 Micro plastics reach the sediment underwater and get into the food chain via fish.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Art Deco repurposed as Kinselas Hotel, Darlinghurst, previously a funeral parlour on Taylors Square where the rainbow theme is often seen.  The repurpose was mentioned on ABC as a good example and is among other interesting hotel buildings peculiar to Sydney so we unlikely patrons went along to have a look and do a little skulling for Hawke.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Very many happenings I witness lately seem the end of an era.  For good or bad.  .

The placard  Farewell Bob Sob is half hidden while the crowd were livened up by a fun Men at Work finale. 
The tone of the memorial, the quality, humour and intelligence was gratifying and good for the community.
Urban myths aside, leaders are no longer like Hawke, all the facets around good workplaces, the various equality wars, social justice and progressive policies are not so obvious anymore and the Labor party seems not held dear by those communities who stood to benefit in the past .

A little excerpt on climate change was surprising and was a platform for a capable descendent who has taken up this new yet impossible challenge. 

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Is this giant sushi or the cotton harvest?
This was an irrigated area, probably, around the Macquarie River, central NSW  The river had not dried up.
  • When mature, the crop is harvested mechanically and placed into large modules. The modules are loaded onto trucks and transported from the farm to a cotton gin (short for en-gin). Cotton gins are factories that separate cottonseed and trash from the lint (raw cotton fibre)
  • The cotton lint is tightly pressed into bales. An Australian cotton bale weighs 227kg (500 pounds)
  • Once the cotton bales are ginned, pressed and containerised, they are loaded on to trucks and trains and sent to port for shipping, mostly to overseas markets.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A sensational program on ABC TV gave an account of a psychotic antisocial slayer.
Dozens of people failed to respond to the man, the police half joked with the psychotic and others brushed him off when, in fact, emergency first aid is required.

We need to be better informed about mental health and the services require a more generous share of the public health budget for education, prevention, adequate staffing, adequate therapies, accommodation and long term care.

A totally reckless person fails to get care so imagine how much more difficult it is for a less extreme chronic battler to find good mental health services. It is a very worth cause.

March by a special interest group that had me guessing - life's rich pageant.