Monday, October 14, 2019

It was serious yet predictable. The columnists in a Sunday paper all attacked and repeated the same 'shocking' outcry about the protesters who seek more action on climate change.
A request from Ita for more diversity in the media (!) was the last straw in a society 'plagued' by multiculturalism. 
As well, alternative energy as constantly seeking subsidies.....academics as lefties!
Extinction rebels provoked these adjectives: puerile, juvenile, small minded, brainwashed, questionable hygiene, socialists, angry fanatics, dole dependent, misfits, pathetic.

It is all written for effect, no thinking person could hold views such as that.

What responsibility is taken by the newspaper for misleading readers?  For failure to provide reliable data, failure to provide data from a number of sources.  For spreading half truths.
For failure to lead society to consider fine new developments for our benefit.  For failure to lead in directions that are inclusive and with high regard for all to enhance our mixed society and our mostly bountiful lifestyle
For failure of attitudes to protect our people, our lifestyle and our  environment and secure the future.
For failure to extend honour, safety and inclusiveness to citizens not just to footballers, or to Assarge and ocker Australians but extended to all citizens of all backgrounds and despite their mistakes.
For disrespect for refugees, and unhelpful mean spirited attitudes.   

For offering unending support for big industries at the expense of all others.
appropriate photo? highly approved casino etc. Sydney

One Columnist, Claire Harvey, was not anti-climate rebellion, in theory, but goes on with insulting ageism, older citizens are free to react as they wish, perhaps, true as entitled. I think the protests are then likened to tactics used by the Chinese government ethos and Hitler which is a ghastly comparison.
Protesters, Greens and climate change proponents must be seen in comparison to the powerful forces of government, industry and media who outweigh them ten times over.
It is a matter of proportion in terms of criticism.  Outlandish means are naturally used by protesters, to make protest worthwhile.  Their numbers are few so impact is exploited.
Another column is headed growth isn't the answer. What is the question? Is economic growth a problem?  No, the real point is made against an increase in migration. No reasons why an increase is a problem.
Migrant ghettos and non English language and gender issues are the result of multiculturalism we are told elsewhere.  Just the same, for example, I wonder how many foreign correspondents gravitate to a respectable enclave overseas with like-minded folk  It takes an open-minded Australian to fully adapt themselves into a foreign culture, others expect to replicate a lifestyle identical to the one they left,  yet some critics expect total immersion from an immigrant new to Australia. Try learning language later in life, it is very difficult. How many Australian-born go the extra mile and learn a language spoken by any migrants group? Gender issues are not raised out of concern but for criticism.

Fair go, for all these reasons, some newspapers such as News Corp fail us at the same time as they need support and more readers to secure their future. 
Idyllic day, much to enjoy and uphold, say NO to attitudes that stunt our well being. 

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William Kendall said...

In Canada the equivalent media chain is Post Media.