Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Is it possible the new Hunter Street light rail rolling stock crept here today?  No? As part of a freight train, new carriages and a load of wheels was seen on the move near Tighes Hill, as was a coal train heading back for a load. Coal prices have risen, the bonanza continues and we 'fiddle while Rome burns'. Thinks massive ice burgs on the move and sea levels.
 Trump fiddles while Rome burns.  And what has Putin done?  That US leaders are provoked and react and complain about the actions of their president in response to Putin and would be a 'good' result as far as Putin is concerned he might be pleased he has caused more dissent in America.
Does protest (London) fall on deaf ears?
 We have enough on our own plate. Dictators and authoritarians are lapping at our shores.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Woolworths supermarket has installed those plastic seats made from recycled shopping bags. What's next?
Observations.  The scenic French countryside is followed with the Tour de France on SBS TV.  It is difficult to spot solar panels on any rooves or roofs.  Hope it is the exception.
The national data base of our e-health records is in progress.  Of course it is important and of great use.  I see very little evidence that medical professionals delve into histories or care plans at all, they reinvent the wheel with every incident. 
It is very true that the famous Thai Football team are well behaved demonstrated on camera sitting up in their hospital bed. Current thinking is to be up and about no matter what illness - within reason - not a chair was in sight. Difficult for young active boys. Off camera it would be different.  Then, strangely, the boys had comments recorded without taking their masks off - not even for a minute.  Possibly it was to deter recognition.  As if.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Citrus form a bright spot.  Mid winter, sunny days and blue skies with an edge.  Well, that's this week.
An old mandarine tree gives fruit year after year and it attracts possums or some wild life who scoop out the fruit. 

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Buddhist centre in Hamilton is open and is seen from the street through the windows.  A life long pursuit. As well, our approach to fellow humans is what its all about.

The slaying of two young lives by their father is an appalling loss.  There is no excuse.
Why are situations maintained at any cost?  Why are court proceedings pursued at any cost? Why prolong a court case with an allegedly risky violent long term unpredictable person? We need to use some wisdom about the reality.  All is not black and white.  But such thinking is unheard of.

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

The local Woolworths supermart must be going solar.  Praise be!  Talesun brand is on the products.  It is not a first, photovoltaic has taken off and great progress is seen on a global scale.
 Suzhou Talesun Solar Technologies has a web site that depicts grand solar farms in China.  Installations in Europe particularly and Thailand, India and USA are also shown from this Chinese company which has state of the art equipment from Italy and Japan.
 Where is our own manufacture of these products which we were into in the very early stages?  Naturally, we can not compete with the mega economies.  Some politicians are not even supporting solar.
 Is alliance with China such a bad thing?  We find an unfamiliarity with Chinese efforts to be part of our culture, our uncertainties are reasonable. Chinese global reach is notable. Their political scene and human rights agenda are alien.  However, how well do we and our existing allies stack up? How do we rate with the indigenous population? Our unethical tactics with refugees are shameful.   How many people are imprisoned in the USA - vast numbers. US politics and national standing are faltering. So how well does Chinese society rate in the face of our difficulties?  So called National security is another difficulty beyond this little rant.
 Is it possible to sit on the fence and for us to have good allies across the divide of China and USA?  End the either or situation and look towards an interesting future. If the East will have us.    

Friday, June 29, 2018

Small and slow eco gain.  A take-home reminder offered by the Woolworths supermarket in town.  A lot can be done, some supermarkets in Sydney and Canberra were no way into reusable bags in the past.
Manufacturers could be tempted to sell sets of plastic bags to make up for those from the checkout and handy for this and that.  It would be a backward step.  Plastic bin liners exist and some are biodegradable but doubts are cast on the biodegradable process.  

Full marks to those in the community who make reusable bags on the sewing machine.  Short handles are a must.  Please make short handles for the bags. Long handles mean that the bag drags on the ground if the bag of groceries is held by the handles.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

This photo is nothing like the reality of the long descent and climb up from the scary span with high sides to deter xtreme sports persons launching into the valley below
 Previous photos were of Hunter Street but since then several journeys have been along other highways.
The M1, Sydney to Newcastle secton would be the most ambitious, challenging, fastest and busiest in the land from what my travels have shown. Last Saturday afternoon the traffic was light.
Extensive roadworks meant kilometers of speed restrictions, in place to build extra lanes it is supposed. For one, the service centres this side of half way create problems. 
The last section closer to Newcastle is very boring until the TV transmitter on Mount Sugarloaf comes into view with relief that the home run is nigh.

 Hawkesbury or Brooklyn Bridges

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

 Beyond Darby Street, which is closed at this end, next was the Court House.  One area of design had used a balls and chain idea!   There, a section of the light rail was almost finished.


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Hunter Street revisited.  Locals may identify with this.  1.  Looking west from this side of Darby Street and light rail construction.  I'm all for workplaces observing public hols or is there a bit of urgency over finishing this work as soon as possible? Where do we draw the line.
2.  Looking east.   4.  Deserted footpath.  People were hard to spot on a rainy public holiday.  Next to no shops were open.
The shops have limited access to suppliers,to customers, to trades persons and their tools of trade, to cleaners, or for medical or fire emergencies.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Queens Birthday long weekend, I think, the city was as quiet as with rain showers in Hunter street.  1 Formal wear shop zone stand coy behind construction fences. 2  View is extended with a new glimpse up the hill where parking station was demolished in Perkin street.  3  Electric Bikes sit in wait. These sets are found around the city and are a positive move to take our minds off the general inconvenience of the moment.

Hunter Street revisited.  Images that a local may relate to.  1.  Beyond the barriers around the light rail construction is the former Newcastle Railway Station, due for reuse.  2.  Engineering works on ex shop front redevelopment. Formerly David Jones, formerly Scotts Hunter street mall.   3.  a patch of light rail in a finished stage and crossing to the wharves near corner of Scott and Wolfe Streets.

Friday, June 08, 2018

Yesterday, an unusually calm mostly warm sunny day, Jimmys Beach, north of Newcastle, inside headlands of Nelson Bay, was free of gross piles of items that had washed overboard when 83 containers fell off a ship.  The opposite northern beachface was also clear.  Other beaches have problems.
Clean-up of a range of plastic products had taken place and work was in progress in the distance close to the headland..  Several people were making their own offort  to pick up mini items of plastic.  There was littering at the extreme high tide mark I was told.
In the opposite direction, beach erosion was up to the edge of the street in a couple of places.  Development is too close to the beach.
Plastic ware degrades into unseen micro pieces and is an extreme problem for our ocean environment and marine life and down the food chain affecting animals and humans. 
Fishing boats can snag their nets on a container making for a dangerous situation.  They would rely on sonar.  The position of the containers may be 'charted' by the navy.


Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Single use containers prepared in a busy stop-off  on the interstate highway.
 I must reform and keep away from this mega franchise which has no obvious recycling activities whatsoever considering that every item is single use.  Well, except for china-ware coffee cups and mugs in the cafe area which is the attraction, usually.  No sorting or recycling bins are ever in sight.

Our wonderful planet from skylab. Resources are finite.

Monday, June 04, 2018

 Strange and unearthly from Skylab.....for earthlings a truly remarkable planet like no other - so far.  Splendor is all round us. Protect our environment. 
A slow environmental revolution is stirring in the supermarkets seen at Woolworths.  In response to legislation?  Free of single-use plastic bags.  Praise be!
It takes more effort..  Is believed that single use plastic bags will remain in use in fruit and vegies. Thick white plastic bags are offered for 15 cents each and can be reused for a time.  What will become of them?
Long lasting reusable fabric bags continue to be available on sale.
The poster includes a translation into a Chinese language and is pleasing to see. An issue of importance?  Translation into several languages more commonly used in our suburbs might be of  benefit.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Honeysuckle Creek near Canberra uses a number of dishes to record deep space and is operated by the CSIRO  whilst it is a NASA establishment - or so I believe.  Earlier, a number of space missions were tracked.
From Sky Lab is image either of the Northern Lights or the Southern Aurora. If the orbit of Sky Lab was investigated one might be better able to identify this amazing sight.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tonight is Stargazing and a world record attempt supported by ABC media and groups of citizen astronomers all over.  Clouds will be most unpopular.

Honey Suckle deep space monitoring centre has a visitors centre and things to see from NASA.
A set of images from space was splendid.  It is presumed this image is of stars above the non-flat earth.

Monday, May 21, 2018

A little quirk is found on the main street in Sunnyside.  From time to time rolling stock come right into the suburb and cross to enter the UGL works. Does it amuse the motorists?
 This time Genesee & Wyoming coal wagons make another appearance, shunted by little Hercules in yellow! 
How is it determined if any wagon has a 'square wheel' that needs fixing, it is said that any noise from a noisy wagon is detected by sensors. Is that done to overcome negative reactions from the public?
  ....Genesee....Tennesse.....The Genesee River has many features and a lengthy history and one origin of the word has it related to Seneca... ...then there is Heracules...Hercules.....

To and from outer space

Thursday, May 17, 2018

From a train in motion is seen another diesel engine and the name is a bit surprising but the G & W company operate is in many countries after a string of mergers and takeovers. So it is just another coal mover....they are here from all over as there is little time to lose and a lot of carbon to burn.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

 Home construction.  Mid May 2018 and house is occupied, eight months after building began. The last four months saw a succession of tradesmen disappear inside then finally the front yard finished in the last few weeks.
  How will we catch up and overcome the housing shortage if building is as slow as this example, however, some explaination probably exists in this instance.
 Builders have their ways and designing, council approval processes, fine tuning, guess work, all at snails pace and then construction in fits and starts is all perfectly normal and part of the mystery and confusion or so it seems to an outsider.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

 Tearing down and building up. DJs car park was turned into a pile of rubble by this morning. Corner of King and Perkins. Apartments are planned for the DJs store and the facade, corner of Hunter and Perkins, will be kept standing. 
A workman and myself recalled dining on the top floor of David Jones, the departments, in the foyer,  recording your weight on the scales with an attendant who wrote out the weight. Looking back, my weight remained stable despite the delicious cashews - warm and salted - from Darrell Lea.

Building the cottage in January 2018 after four months.  The exterior ?plaster extends to the ground and the windows are done - work which was completed well before January leaving it at the lock-up stage, it seems   Many builders, if not all, close up shop for several weeks over Christmas.  

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Building a cottage.  7 Nov 2017......the exterior walls and gutters are in place into the third month.

Mothers Day eve at supermarket, will it be mauve, pink or green and this was only half of the   displayed. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

 Building a home...16 Oct 2017...the exterior is 'wrapped' in green insulation material and the roof is tiled, Roof perimeter has a 'fence' to protect the roof tilers from falls. Black tiles would seem to absorb summer heat more than some.   A pile of scrap has grown.

 Homes are designed with various measures to reach a required score suitable to overcome hot or cold weather and to save energy using thick insulation in walls or ceiling or under floor, concrete areas as a heat sink, suitable building materials and reflective colours, window features and placement, solar, appropriate sized eaves, best use of aspect - and other measures.  

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Building a house.  Three weeks later, 10 Oct 2017 and the frame is done.
The house is relatively high off the ground.  More recently, the whole city had the flood zones mapped which regulate how high the ground floor must be off the ground.
 The zones are estimates as flooding has not necessarily been recorded in some areas. Several years ago a number of suburbs were flooded in a major storm the likes of which cannot be recalled in our time. Regulations exist about coping with a flood even a large kitchen bench legally acting as a safety zone it has been said.