Friday, October 26, 2018

Outdoing Portillo.  NSW City Rail Sydney urban and Newcastle.  On a good day, no crowd, seats plentiful, the air-con was right temp, on time - which is usual - all good.
A couple of minor hitches of my own doing - the timetable has been up dated but using the old times there seemed no need to hurry but a Sydney service departed when just 20 metres away to buy a paper but the next train left before too long. There is no crass indicator at the point where the train departs.The indicator is some distance away outside the 'barriers'.
The rail website has no easy access to the timetables.  It has a service that offers a total plan for a proposed journey close to the time of looking but does not seem to cover a journey in the future. It is much more interesting to see a full timetable for flights, trains or buses and work around it instead of the use of a string of fictitious dates to research travel.   
 On returning it was decided to change to a bus at Broadmeadow but the bus timetable had been altered and the next bus was thirty minutes away. It had been seen as a better alternative to any delay at Hamilton or Newcastle. The apps would be the solution.