Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Do something NOW for the next generation. Urgent and unprecedented action is called for by UN to deal with the rise in global temperatures so that at worst no more than a 1.5 degree increase is reached by 2050. And that will result in significant climate change.

 It is in our hands to act now for it is said that we can still avert extreme problems.
 The UN group, backed by the works of the scientific community, made many points and seeks a reduction of 75% - 90% in thermal coal use by 2050,  so, will my local powers that be, do just that alone?  We must use our influence to do the right thing to reduce coal use and do much better than that scenario.     

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William Kendall said...

And the Trump 'government' admits it's a problem, but what's the point in dealing with it?

Yet another reason to despise that wretched excuse for a man.