Thursday, November 14, 2019

Climb every mountain....a 'walk' to the top above the communication towers just a 2 - 3 ks constant climb the track wound round 40 bends ending in umteen stairs, rain showers, hail, howling wind on the summit  - it was a challenge in my case!

It is often said that social media presents an idealised image and a simple tour is the happy subject of these photos.  There were also times of considerable distress in parellel over a problem in a member of the family.  Thats the reality.
The return journey was completed in a day, was free of car trouble, had a detour to visit relatives and 
were safe and sound just before D day or the day of catastrophic risk of bush fires.

  Words....wound as injury, wound as wound-up;  wind as wind-up, wind as windy weather !!