Wednesday, October 25, 2017

It is no Westconnex (50 billion plus), on a back road between Vacy towards Singleton this bridge rattles a lot and to give it its due is well patched up, craftsmanship is not high with the timbers left all uneven and one thick bent 'pin' the size of a stake on the wheel track, is it marked so as to dodge it or is it marked for repair?  No load limit is signposted nor passing or no passing.  Local drivers use their common sense probably.
The budget for road work no way compares with that of the city with the harbour bridge and the constant traffic snarls..
Believe it is the Paterson River, just north of where it joins up with the Allyn River.
Captain Cow and the dairy is in the vicinity where the lucerne on the river flats is bright green and contrasts with the dry brown countryside. 

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