Wednesday, November 02, 2016

On Safari

Something nothing. Morning sun was spreading...intruding on old landscape.

What if one sought refugee status over stress, shame and guilt cause by our government's policies?  Where could one seek refuge?  (This is not to downplay instances of fleeing true warfare)
  How low can we go?  Shameful. Inhumane. Unwarranted moves. Wasted mindless misdirected spending.  Horror of those seeking asylum.  That's our government. It sets a terrible example. We have negative features in our history and they continue unabated. We were taught well by our founding fathers.  Our crimes against the indigenous are in our psyche and emerge once again to rampage in our little empire. But there are people who can rise above this and try to have their voices heard in opposition.
   It is colonial to dare set up prisons in other lands in the region and push refugees onto other nation states. Bad enough as it is but we are very wealthy and have ability to provide.
  Of course I can vision a region where we are not taken as an easy destination to all and sundry - (except the Anglo tourists who overstay - turn a blind eye to that or to the university students, oh yes) and some means to regulate our status is desirable but the existing refugees must be given fair and just and humane policies.
 Even the government deflects attention from its latest dreadful proclamations by putting some strange case about the faulty election of a senator into the fore.  Well, it does not fool us.

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