Monday, November 07, 2016

On Safari

Glam camping - Not!  Camping, three, all alone, on a big vacant lonely roadside rest area, close to the geographical heart of the continent and miles and miles from signs of habitation.

In the steps of the explorer John McDouall Stuart hence the Stuart Highway.  His exceptional explorations took him across the continent from the south to the north coast in 1862 - on his third attempt.

Three times.  Persistence pays off.  Vote early vote often. 
 Australian correspondents will be relieved when the U S election ends and they can finish taking us to state after state to witness all the whohar while autumn leaves in Pennsylvania and all sorts of backgrounds flash past on media.
Democracy has declined and some wish to go backwards to certainty while change is where it is all at.
Forget about the biggest and the greatest. A just society is best but look at the opposition to any good moves.  In the U S it gets the label of socialisation and meets resistence - all our minds are shaped along certain lines while we could expand and explore new ways.
AT least the $US exchange rate is becoming more favourable for us - it is such a temptation.

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