Wednesday, February 01, 2017


A tourist aiming a camera at the market scene was not an everyday occurrence in what was a fairly rugged environment and somewhat out of the comfort zone of a fragile visitor yet progress was made.
 A book published about Indonesia in 1966 writes of a market not so far from this one and really nothing much has changed.  In that work of investigative journalism, as we call it, reference is made to a jungle still lively with tigers, elephants and rhinos and how 32 tigers had been shot to take precautions to protect the settlers livestock. What are the chances of finding animals like that?
Transmigration was witnessed with resettlement of large numbers from Java and Bali carrying belongings large and small to carve a new life. Starvation was not unknown where they came from.  Rubber plantation, and petroleum were a goer but no mention of palm oil.
 The book, which is not scholarly, is of a wide ranging tour with themes of President Sukarno's work, politics, Communism, education, enmity with Malaysia, and questions about British  and USA roles.
 One could rightly say the Republik is still developing. Many of us are relatively new to liberal democracy.
   The book was happened upon in Harry Hartog bookstore, Kotara, for new and used books.  


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