Monday, February 06, 2017

 Natural bright morning sunshine, alone, lit the opposite view to yesterdays post.

Where do we stand?  What does it all mean?
 As a first for me, I watched the Presidential Inauguration and was very surprised how it resembled a church ceremony.
Sacred Readings and poem were presented and three invocations came from different religious leaders and benedictions followed later in proceedings from another three religions.
Now We Belong was from a fine Missouri chorale (some lyrics are telling in light of the ban).
The Oath was sworn, not on one, but two bibles.
America the Beautiful  from the splendid Mormon Tabernacle Choir, partitions God in each verse.
Earlier in the day, the president elect and others had attended a national prayer service in church.
Next day was a prayer breakfast I think and later a service at Washington National Cathedral with call to prayer from several religious leaders including an imam to round it all off.
Grand proceedings such as these have been alive since time immemorial and appeal to higher ideals.    Many would like to break with traditions. Others say that ritual is important in a well society.  A new form of ritual without religion is one way ahead. 


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