Friday, February 10, 2017

Just another local beach.  Redhead Beach.  No more toying with the computer and blogger during the heatwave.  We are told to be mindful of the electricity we use. Power failure at peak times in summer has occurred before this and is getting risky once again in NSW.
Lots of homes have solar and lots of improvements have reduced power consumption while computers and media and massive global data bases are increasingly chewing up  
 Amazingly, a government department is offering some people, discounted prices on certain energy efficient home appliances where the existing ones are not good that way. On the other hand, lately, federal parliament seems incapable of any sensible pronouncements about power.  
 Their keenness for coal use is above all else.  Is it possible that power failures in SA have occurred on purpose?  The failures have provided an outstanding opportunity to gloat about the risks of alternative energy instead of offering leadership and constructive appropriate comment or help. The rhetoric is unworthy.  At least, the SA leader is not fooled by this and says it like it is. 
 Our solar is doing its bit for the grid. Have we still got that genny? 

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