Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Beach goers and wheel chair with 'off road' tyres suitable for beach. And lifesavers.
Issues will disappear from the news cycle now the weather is cooler. Sustainable power and carbon emissions staved off for now.
South Australia has lowered carbon emissions which is the point of the whole exercise never acknowledged by the critics. Full marks to SA for grappling with the problem of alternative energy.
 The length of daylight saving could be increased in the Eastern states so as to have peak energy consumption during sunlight hours even drawing from South Australia where the peak is later who in turn draw from the west. Western Australia has sunlight when it is after sunset in the east.  The east should establish solar power in the West or buy their power to cover the peak in the east by way of a network.
 Our countryside is made up of extensive wooded areas of vegetation despite the land clearing activities. Surely the extent is significant in countering global warming.
Our endless yet lightweight forests and scrubby bad-lands will be lifesavers on the world scene in conjunction with similar regions around the globe. To a traveller of our country the vegetation of green  and 'shades of grey' is seen as a truly vast asset.  We must halt land clearing now.
  Trees soak up carbon dioxide and store it and release oxygen, they filter other gases and little pollutants, they are involved in the water cycle, in all, an amazing resource in combating global warming.
Halt all land clearing now.

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