Monday, February 13, 2017


 100% fiber to the home, yes, to the home, fiber optic network by Indi Home Fiber, photo taken last year in Indonesia and well outside a major city area. It can be seen the cables are above ground.
  Indonesia is represented as a tolerant society and, same as everywhere else, a minority, it is presumed, demonstrate in objection to Ahok and his pronouncement. The 'fever' is not a good look to an outsider who is taken aback by the size of the protests and sound grabs from the zealous leaders (via ABC reports).
  The Jakarta newspaper, on line, is ok tho it takes more effort to delved into the reasons for the unrest as the charge against Ahok has assumed much importance.
 Do his rivals want him discredited to leave the field open for nepotism with a military flavour. Do the ABC correspondents baulk at providing an in-depth report?  Does our media watch its Ps and Qs in Indonesia?  Has its budget been trimmed too much.
 It is difficult for an outsider to be well informed without effort. Tourists in Indonesia and elsewhere blindly forge ahead in ignorance. The little you know adds a useful bit of risk and challenge while not trivialising any big local concerns.
 Whose job is it to judge what constitutes a life and death issue?  It is tempting for an outsider to do so even while ill-informed.    

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