Thursday, February 02, 2017

Sepeda motor

Everyone has a motor bike hence mechanical repairs are in demand.

In the midst of the hottest of summers and issues of global warming, today, the Prime Minister promoted clean coal technology.  Yes, clean coal!  Right, the economy relies on minerals. Any darn fool technology will be advanced when we need to pay the due price and get out of coal mining and forgo that source of income and jobs. 
Never every do our leaders hint at possible change and the benefits.  Never ever do out leaders say anything positive about alternative energies and a safer brighter future.  Never ever a nudge or suggestion that our technology will need to change to renewable energy.
 Never ever use an opportunity to hint at lowering our energy consumption or that higher prices are what it takes in the manner we go about it. 
Politicians remain silent about climate change and renewable energy and thus steer us away into other directions which is obvious to anyone interested enough.  How often do they use the same tactic with other issues?  We can take note or be led by the nose.  

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