Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sainthood is powering ahead for Mary MacKillop and will be a first for this country.
In North Sydney, a chapel with her tomb has become a centre dedicated to her cause. A pink rose bearing her name was among the merchandising in an area set aside for a museum, cafe and shop.
Another glimps into the life of the Sisters of Saint Joseph is lighthearted and depicts them as a musical trio.

In the Hunter valley, the 'brown' sisters of Saint Joseph (of Mary MacKillop) were probably less numerous than the Lochinvar Sisters of Saint Joseph who had grown along different lines from after their shared beginnings as I understand.

Did the 'brown' sisters run schools that were achievement 'driven' which I heard was very important in some schools. Achievement and high expectations are hard wired in many people but it is not an aspect that I recall about my schooling and hence continue to find it a confusing issue.

The entrance to the Museum and facilities.

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