Saturday, December 05, 2009

Copenhagen Summit: two sleeps to go.
The Copenhagen Summit, Denmark,  is a UN meeting, December 7 - 18, aimed at co-ordinating action against climate change.
The dialogue is joined by my country and what can we contribute? In our own modest way we enjoy far far more privilege than many other people. What do we stand for in the face of millions who don't share our high standard of living yet cop the emissions.

Global warming: what messages do we hear in this country?
We do not hear direct suggestions to stop using up our resources, all the oil, the vegetation, the minerals. Is a message such as that too confronting? Doesn't fit our economy?  It's as if we can continue with unabated demand and let carbon credits or somesuch ease any problems.
Climate unbelievers can unite with the believers and put two and two together in the face of documented loss of species, loss of habitat and loss of crucial biodiversity. We all agree we extract a high standard of living. This leads to obligations around social justice and the environment and it suggests a sustainable economy.

Action in the form of taxes to rein us in and lead to sustainability is a response to climate change and to issues of social justice.

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