Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fox and fine feathers by Narelle Oliver.
Often a child's story book will 'get you in' and this one is a nice example. Zoom far into a dim rainforest and adjust the perceptions to spy on the secrets there. Be lured into the muted understory by the dense, intricate illustrations.
  The author has used linocuts, pencils and pastels to create the singular artwork for a tale about the ground-nesting birdlife and their forest habitat. A little drama reveals the antics and the characteristics of the birdlife while a fox is lurking nearby ready for action.
  The artwork is realistic and full of character and the opus concludes with notes about the east coast rainforest and alludes to the European Red Fox as a big menace to native wildlife. 

Omnibus Books an imprint of Scholastic Australia Pty Ltd. First published in 2009. Fox and fine feathers by Narelle Oliver. Cover design: Peter Campbell, CampbellBarnett 2009.
Financil assistance from the Queensland Government.