Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The key staff in an organization are the cleaners!  These were on night shift at the building society. Research from the UK, finds that the CEOs are outdone by the cleaners. What's new? Even Obama is putting pressure on the financial CEOs. What are his chances?

Sanitized consumers would be shocked by the book from Mary Ruebush: Why Dirt Is Good. 5 ways to make germs your friends. This writer is an American professional into immunology, infections and microbiology. Her thesis is that our immune system gets better and stronger the more it is used and needs exposure to dirt and germs from a young age.
Also, low level anti-bacterial products kill off  weak strains and an advance of potentially deadlier resistant bacteria is possible when our lives become awash with anti-bacterial commodities.
The more you use anti-bacterial soap, the more deadly the bacteria get and the less effective that soap is.
Hence, soap and water is the recommendation and wash the hands for 20 seconds. 

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