Saturday, December 12, 2009

The butterfly effect. With a very slight nod to the BBC and Natural History and to SBS TV.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic fig, Julia. It looks like some of the ones in Centennial Park in Cooks Hill (is it still called that?). Did you know the Council is looking at all our figs, starting with the ones in Laman Street? There's a vote by council this Tuesday about whether to take them out all in one go or a little at a time, neither of which satisfies most of the community after what happened in Laman Street.

julia said...

Yes, I loved when I saw this fig in an amazing little church yard, on a church-fair day with Devonshire Teas, in crowded urban Newtown and the fig seems to be in an SBS TV show.
I think Centennial park has Norfolk pines not figs. But giant trees are in a number of streets. Which ones do we target?
Yes, i have noticed the pros and cons and the figs have been on the blog in the past.
We live with risk - that's OK. I photographed a fig that had blown down on the edge of Civic Park and was aware of another tree creeking ominously, rather than harmoniously in the wind so I didn't hang around there.

Leif Hagen said...

A magnificent butterfly and an extraordinary tree! We won't see butterflies here again until our Spring!

Anonymous said...

I did hear about the TV show - it's called My Place and the book was written 20 years ago by Nadia Wheatley. I haven't read it but it's apparently based around a real tree in Tempe that is 200 years old but the tree used in the show is in Newtown. Lovely.