Wednesday, November 18, 2009

XV continued: Montsalvat.
A minor building in an appealing hamlet, with features of, say, certain timber-framed cottages from England with close spaced timber studs, plaster panels, diamond lattice windows, half timbers and dormer windows. Here accommodation is available for artisans. Is this example akin to a poor artist's garret?

More trivia. A scholar, Betty Roland lived in this colony in the 1960s. As a writer she was into plays, comic strips and journalism and was a follower of the left wing. She had worked in London and had been in Moscow in the thirties with a Marxist associate, Guido Baracchi.
Guido Baracchi has been described as a privileged cosmopolitan as well as a dedicated romantic who loved woman and politics. He worked at founding the Communist Party in Australia. Between times there were a series of partners. Jeff Sparrow has written a biography: Communism: A Love Story  and a review in The Age suggests.....
"He reminds us of what we have lost and of what we might gain by learning to love the quest for justice once more."

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