Tuesday, November 10, 2009

VIII continued: the master, the artists, the muses and Montsalvat.

Sonia Skipper, artist and builder, was declared a 'National Living Treasure' by the South Australian State Government. She had moved to Renmark in later years with her life partner. She died in 2008. A memorial service and later a retrospective were held at Montsalvat.

As young women pioneers of the artists' colony, Sonia and her sister, Helen, found that their grandmother thoroughly disapproved of their liaisons and she purchased a cottage beside Montsalvat for her two unwed granddaughters and children to live.
Sonia Skipper published an autobiography of her interesting years titled My Story.
Ref The Age.

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Jacob said...

Aw, c'mon, you've got to show us more of this place. It is fantastic...look at those walls, the fireplace, those beams, that floor, the wood table and the other wood thingy!

It's glorious!

Fascinating story, too. Parents have a way of messing things up! ;-)