Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cattle were grazing in Ferndale Park. Parrot was another visitor. Beam me up!  The Hadron or Haldron Collider, in background, emerged there all the way from Switzerland !

Travellers behaving badly. Booked for a flight to Asia, we got as far as Brisbane and were disappointed that we had to totally disembark and change planes with a two hour interval. It was about 10pm and a toddler was in the group and we put her in a wheelchair while we negotiated the procedures such as arrangements about the duty free we had foolishly got in Sydney.
The wheelchair was quite a hit, in fact, seem to lead to priority with reboarding, which was unintended, yet gave us a chuckle.
Another time, a wheelchair came in very handy to cart my gear around when there were no trolleys at all, and nothing but perfumes, chocolates and liquor to look at during a three hour wait for another flight. (In each case other wheelchairs were available for others to use).  But all that was before the days of climate change when travel was carefree.

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